Top 10 Best 140mm Case Fans in 2021

With computer processors and graphics cards becoming ever stronger and more power hungry, it’s important to keep your PC cool to prevent it from overheating. Even if you have the best computer case, if you don’t have some way of dissipating the heat inside, your system performance will eventually decline and parts may even get damaged.

Thankfully there are computer case fans to help push the hot air out and keep things running efficiently. Even if you already have a CPU cooler, you’ll still want anywhere from 2-5 PC fans in your case.

The default fan size is 120mm, but fans can come in a range of sizes. In this article we’ll be going over the best 140mm fans. These fans are typically quieter and push more air than the 120mm fans, making them a great choice if your case has room.

Best 140mm Case Fans to Keep Things Cool

Noctua NF-A14

noctua nf-a14 140mm fan

  • 300 – 1,500 RPM
  • 82.52 CFM
  • 24.6 decibels

Starting off the list of best 140mm case fans is the Noctua NF-A14. Noctua is probably the most popular brand out there when it comes to case fans, and if we had to recommend one pick this would be it.

No other case fan can claim they’ve won as many awards or recommendations as the NF-A14. The fan lasts a long time, does a fantastic job cooling your system, and can do so relatively quietly.

Its fan speed of up to 3,000 RPM is one of the fastest out there

Noctua’s biggest problem when it came to their PC fans was their lack of visual appeal. Their products all had a khaki-brown color that stuck out like a sore thumb in anyone’s computer case.

Recently, however, Noctua has come out with new colorways that are much more visually appealing. The NF-A14 is a nice walnut and black combination that now combines both form and function, which is great news for consumers.

If you’re looking for RGB lighting, though, you’ll have to find another option. But if you’re looking for the best 140mm fan that pushes a lot of air with minimal noise, you simply can’t go wrong with Noctua.

Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM, Heavy Duty...
  • Heavy duty cooling fan, 140x140x25 mm, 12V, 4-pin PWM, max. 3000 RPM, max. 41.3 dB(A),...
  • Award-winning 140x25mm A-series fan with Flow Acceleration Channels and Advanced Acoustic...

Corsair LL140

corsair ll140 140mm case fan

  • 8 RGB LEDs each fan
  • 600 – 1,300 RPM
  • 51.5 CFM
  • 25.0 decibels

If you’re set on getting a 140mm RGB case fan, the Corsair LL140 is your best bet. These fans look absolutely gorgeous when paired up with a glass or transparent case, especially when the lights are turned off or dimmed at night.

Each fan has a number of LEDs in their rotor that diffuse light through the blades as they spin, along with a separate outer ring of lights. The lights are super bright and the transition between colors is smooth.

The LL140 case fans aren’t just for show, though. They pack a decent amount of performance with 600-1,300 RPM and 51.5 CFM at just 25 decibels, which is more than enough to cool your system down.

The biggest con is their price. You’re paying a premium for the RGB LED technology, so make sure you’re set on RGB fans before dropping a pretty penny.

We recommend the Corsair LL140s over the Corsair ML140s because the ML140s

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Dual...
  • 16 independent RGB LEDs in every fan, split between two separate light loops.. Air flow -...
  • Software control and customize RGB lighting effects with the included Corsair lighting

Corsair ML140

corsair ml140 140mm fan

  • 8 RGB LEDs each fan
  • Up to 1,150 RPM
  • 62 CFM
  • 26 decibels

Another excellent RGB 140mm case fan is the Corsair iCUE SP140.

Like the LL140 fan, each fan comes with eight individual RGB LEDs to produce stunning visuals in your PC case. Stylistically, the SP140’s colors are a bit darker compared to the LL140’s and there is no outer ring, so it’ll mostly depend on which colorway you prefer.

These fans have a similar airflow to noise curve as the LL140s but come at a slightly cheaper price. They’re not the quietest fans out there, but if you love the RGB colorway the SP140 is an excellent option.

Corsair ML140 PRO 140mm Premium Magnetic...
  • Magnetic Levitation Bearing: Dramatically reduces bearing friction by magnetically...
  • Dynamic RGB Lighting: Four independent ultra-bright center-mounted RGB LEDs output a vivid...

be quiet! Silent Wings 3

silent wings 3 140mm fan

  • 1,000 RPM
  • 59.5 CFM
  • 15.5 decibels

As the brand name suggests, be quiet! is focused on producing the best case fans while optimizing for noise. The Silent Wings 3 are the quietest 140mm case fans on the market, topping out at just 15.5 decibels.

At low speeds these fans are virtually inaudible. At moderate speeds the fan makes a wooshing of air, but no mechanical or electrical noise. Compare this with other fans, that generally always make some kind of mild hum or high frequency buzz.

While the Silent Wings 3 don’t move as much air as the Noctuas or Phanteks, they are still good enough to get the job done.

If you’re looking to optimize for low noise, the Silent Wings 3 are perfect for you.

be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM,...
  • Virtually inaudible operation at max. 15.5Db(a). Air flow - 59.5 CFM. Noise level - 15.5...
  • 6-Pole fan motor for less power consumption and vibration

Phanteks PH-F140MP

phanteks ph-f140mp 140mm fan

  • 600 – 1,200 RPM
  • 85.19 CFM
  • 19.0 decibels

Phanteks is an underrated case fan and is up there with the best of them when it comes to 140mm case fans. It pushes more air than Noctua or Corsair products, has a lower noise level, and also comes at a lower cost.

It pushes an outstanding 85.19 cubic feet per minute of airflow, all while doing so at just a top end of 19.0 decibels.

When you run the fan on low or moderate speeds, you won’t be able to hear it at all. For the best air flow to noise ratio, we recommend using 900 RPM.

The Phanteks PH-F140 also comes with various adapters, including a 4 to 3 pin, voltage reducer if you want to keep RPMs low, and a molex power adapter.

You also won’t find a better product in terms of build quality. The fan comes with metal plates on the back that give it the durability to push large amounts of air out, and also ensures it’ll have a long lifespan.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this Phanteks case fan for all your cooling needs.

Phanteks 140mm Case/Radiator Cooling Fan...
  • Composed by MOSS and SSC systems, Phanteks' UFB bearings have an effective hub-tip ratio...
  • PH-F140XP's PWM functions allow users to adjust speed from 600 - 1200 RPM. Higher speed...

Fractal Design Venturi HF14

fractal design hf14 140mm fan

  • Up to 1,200 RPM
  • 118.2 CFM
  • 26.5 decibels

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense computer case fan that comes in a sleek black tone, the Fractal Design Venturi HF14 is an excellent option.

The Venturi HF14 pushes out up to 118.2 CFM of airflow, which is one of the highest you’ll find for 140mm case fans. Having a couple of these in your case will all but guarantee to cool down your system by at least several Celsius.

Its noise levels are also quiet for how much air it pushes. Since these are so strong, if your computer is running under normal loads it’ll effectively be silent.

The HF14s come with 4 pin connectors and PWM support.

Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 Black Case...
  • Air flow - 118.2 CFM. Noise level - 26.5 decibels

Cougar CFD14HBR

cougar cfd14hbr 140mm fan

  • Up to 1,000 RPM
  • 124.4 CFM
  • 18 decibels

The Cougar CFD14HBR is an attractive mono-colored LED case fan that comes in red, green, blue, and white. If you don’t want a fan that’s black, brown, or rainbow RGB and prefer the single color to match your gaming rig, look into picking up these fans.

This 140mm case fan comes with nine dual-layer blades that are lined with ridges to provide strong airflow while reducing turbulence from the fans. Its air flow ratio of 124.4 cubic feet per minute to 18 decibels is one of the best out there.

At just $15 each, these fans are also one of the cheapest LED case fans you can buy, which makes it an excellent pick for the budget gamer.

Cougar CFD14HBR 140mm CPU Fan Cooling...
  • Nine dual-layer rigid blades generate more powerful airflow, air pressure & decrease wind...
  • Innovative COUGAR diversion claws to provide focused airflow & reduce noisy air...

Noiseblocker Alphacool L12

noiseblocker alphacool l12 140mm fan

  • 300 – 1,200 RPM
  • 83.92 CFM
  • 24.28 decibels

The Alphacool L12 140mm fan is a no-nonsense PWM controlled fan that does everything you need a case fan to do.

It has a great airflow to noise ratio, has a 6-year warranty, and is German engineered for that quality assurance. Even at its top speed of 1,200 RPM, this fan barely makes any noise.

Just note these fans are 29mm thick instead of the usual 25mm, so make sure you have enough space in your case to accommodate these.

Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 NB-eLoop...
  • Includes One 140mm Case Fan
  • 1200RPM (PWM)


arctic f14 140mm fan

  • 1,350 RPM
  • 74 CFM
  • 25 decibels

ARCTIC is a top brand when it comes to affordable computer case fans. The F-series provides 140mm fans at a budget price with PWM and no LEDs.

This fan isn’t necessarily the best at any particular trait. They’re not leaf blowers and they’re not dead silent. But for the price you’re paying at $35 for a pack of 5 fans, they are more than enough to get the job done.

ARCTIC F14 PWM PST (5 Pack) - 140 mm...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Design of fan blades improves airflow and facilitates efficient...
  • PERFECT CASE FAN REGULATION WITH PWM: The PWM function allows the motherboard to run the...

ARCTIC BioniX P140

bionix p140 140mm fan

  • 1,950 RPM
  • 77.6 CFM
  • 25 decibels

If you’re set on an ARCTIC branded fan and are looking for a static fan, the BioniX P140 was created with that in mind.

The BioniX P140 is optimized for static pressure, directing a more focused airstream towards a smaller area compared to standard case fans. This makes it an excellent fan to cool down heatsinks and radiators in your case.

The fan comes in an array of colors as well, if you’re looking to add some dimension to your case.

ARCTIC BioniX P140-140 mm Gaming Case...
  • NEW FAN DESIGN: The BioniX P140, specially optimized for static pressure, has a newly...
  • 200 TO 1950 RPM: The wide speed range and PWM sharing technology (PST) enable synchronous...

How to Choose the Best 140mm Case Fan – Features to Look For 

Most important metrics: airflow, rpm, noise. Make sure you get a fan with PWM to change the speed. Control fan curve so you can adjust to your liking

Fan placement could be an entire article itself, and there are various trains of thought about optimal placement. Generally speaking, you want your case fans in front to suck air in while the rear and top fans blow hot air out.

You also don’t want to have the same number of intake and exhaust fans, as that will negate a lot of airflow. Either create a positive or negative air pressure environment within your case.

In terms of metrics to consider when buying a computer case fan, there are several considerations you should look out for.


PC case airflow tells you how much air the fan pushes every minute, and is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). You want to maximize CFM while reducing noise as much as possible.

Fan Speed (RPM)

Fan speed is how fast your fan rotates, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). The faster your fan spins, the more air it can potentially push to decrease your case’s temperature.

Look for a fan with PWM (pulse-width modulation) so that you can easily control the fan speed. If you really want to get technical, you can also try to control your fan curve to optimal settings.


Cooling a computer case is no simple task, and when you ask your fan to revolve 1,000 to 2,000 or more times per minute, it can get noisy. Noise is measured in dBA (decibals) and typically ranges between 10 – 35 dBA.


The standard size for case fans is 120mm, but other popular sizes include 80mm, 140mm, and even 200mm. Larger computer case fans typically push out more air flow with lower noise levels, which is why 140mm fans are quite popular nowadays as they are a good combination of performance, size, and price.

Bearing Type 

Bearing type is often ignored, but they do make a difference. Sleeve bearings are most affordable, ball bearings have a longer lifespan, and fluid bearings make the least noise.


To wrap up, you can’t go wrong purchasing any of the 140mm case fans listed here. Most PC case fans these days are actually quite similar and track a similar airflow-to-noise curve. So often what it comes down to is picking one that meets your build quality, looks criteria, and has a reasonable noise profile.

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