The Best Battle Brothers Mods To Try

There’s a lot to like about vanilla Battle Brothers, but there are a ton of mods that can also greatly increase your enjoyment of the game.

If you’re wondering which mods you should give a try, we’ve compiled our picks for the best Battle Brothers mods. For a full list of mods, check them out at Nexus Mods.

To install Battle Brothers mods, simply download the mod and place the zipped folder into the Battle Brothers data folder. See this guide for more guidance on the installation process.

Battle Brothers Mods Recommendations 


The Legends Battle Brothers mod completely revamps the game. It introduces lots of new backgrounds like Vala, Crusader, Noble, and Ranger as well as Battle Sisters.

You’ll have 25 new scenarios to choose from, new weapons and armor, a camping system with task assignments, new perks, and of course new enemies.

If you’ve felt a bit bored playing the vanilla game, Legends will be sure to keep you occupied. While it’s a ton of fun, also keep in mind it’s not as balanced as the original game.

Check out a bit of this Let’s Play with the Legends mod to see what it’s all about:

Modding Script Hooks 

If you want to install multiple mods, you’ll definitely want the Modding Script Hooks mod. This mod ensures compatibility between mods and won’t overwrite original files.

Tweaks and Fixes

This mod is a collection of various mods that tweak certain aspects of the game, and you can pick and choose which ones you want. Examples include no bad traits on companions, craft masterwork bows, no pay raise, no fog of war, and more.


If you’re short on time or just want the game to move faster, this mod lets you speed up combat and movement.

Additional Keybinds 

A quick little QOL improvement that adds various keybinds to quickly recover, rotate, shieldwall, etc. with your bros. Also includes swapping bagged items.

Tryout Talents Alternative 

One of the more frustrating aspects of Battle Brothers is the randomness with recruiting new bros, since you can’t see their traits and talents until paying money to try them out. This mod fixes that by revealing the traits and talent stars as part of the hiring process.

Boneplating Indicator

Another quick QOL mod that shows if your boneplated brother has been hit or not, so you can adjust accordingly.

Better Combat Log

The Better Combat log extends the combat log down so you can see more of it, and also shows morale check results.

Pause Without Conflicts 

This mod autopauses the game whenever you leave a settlement and sight an enemy party.

Increased Champion Spawn Rate

This mod lets you increase the spawn rate of champions to potentially find named items much faster. A great add in the late game especially.

Get Loot Without Last Hit 

Stop worrying about last hitting enemies to get their loot by installing this mod. Saves you a lot of time and effort switching to daggers and trying to time last hits correctly.

Campaign Tweakster

The Campaign Tweakster mod lets you modify things like how fast you gain XP, daily food consumption, treasure value, recruits quantity, and more.

Craft Armor and Shields 

One thing the vanilla Battle Brothers game was sorely missing was more crafting options. With this mod, you can craft armor and shields with regular items and ingredients from monsters.

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