5 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

As a new Valorant player, it might feel a little daunting seeing all of the agents available to play. You might also wonder which agent to unlock with your hard earned Radianite Points. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be going over All of these agents are solid picks that don’t require huge skill floors to be helpful to a team.


Brimstone offers great all-around utility that goes well on any team. He isn’t the most flashy agent, but is a great pick for new Valorant players because his abilities are so useful.

Brimstone has multiple smokes, an attack speed boost for allies, a molly, and an orbital strike ultimate that detonates entire sites. The smokes and attack speed boost can be used at the start of rounds to help your team entry frag. The molly and orbital strike are great for delaying spike defuses and even nabbing kills from afar.

All of his abilities are straightforward to use, which is another reason why Brimstone is beginner friendly. The only ability that may require lineup knowledge is his molly, but even then there are only a few spots you really have to memorize across all the maps.

Since Brimstone offers so much utility through his abilities alone, if you use them well you often get a pass for not having the best stats in terms of kills/deaths. This can be another reason to pick him if you’re new to Valorant. A good Brimstone that smokes entrances and helps his team plant/defend spikes is a valuable asset already.


If you’ve ever played another shooter before, Raze will probably be the agent most familiar to you. That’s because she comes equipped with a free grenade every round, a common accessory in other FPS games. This nade serves as a great zoning tool to clear locations or secure kills on enemies in tight spaces.

Raze’s other abilities include her boom bot, satchels, and rocket launcher ultimate. The boom bot targets and explodes on an enemy in sight, making it a great entry tool on attack. The satchels can be used as a zoning tool, or as a mobility boost once you get more advanced with Raze.

Raze’s ultimate is one of the most fun skills in the game, allowing you to blast opponents in the face with a rocket launcher. This is essentially a free kill every time you have it up.

Overall, Raze’s abilities synergize well together and don’t require much precision to use because of their AoE effects. Definitely give her a try if you’re looking for a fun agent to play.


Phoenix is a great intro to the world of duelists in Valorant. His abilities provide a bit of everything – flashes, self heals / molly damage, walls that serve as smokes, and an ultimate that essentially gives you a second life. As such, Phoenix is arguably the most forgiving of the duelists to play for beginners.

As a Phoenix, your goal is to entry frag for your team. That means flashing around walls or placing your flame wall up to enter sites first. If you can get a kill before dying, you’ve done your job well, assuming the rest of your team followed suit to make it onto site.

The only thing you need to be careful of is flashing your own teammates!


Killjoy is a great pick for players who aren’t super confident yet in their gunplay. All of her abilities are easy to use and can nab kills by themselves, from her turret, nanoswarm grenade, and alarmbot.

Thanks to all her utility, Killjoy can hold down a site on defense by herself as her turret and bots basically act like additional players. On attack, KJ is great for stalling spike defuses with some well-timed nanoswarm grenades.

Killjoy’s ultimate ability, Lockdown, also allows you to safely clear a site of enemies, lest they remain in lockdown in which case you have some easy kills.



Sage is a great agent to play for new Valorant players, as she rewards a safe playstyle and is a complement to any team composition, filling the much needed support role that often gets overlooked.

With a slow, ice wall, heal, and resurrection ultimate, all of Sage’s abilities work together to assist her teammates.

As a Sage, your job is to protect and heal your wounded allies. Her heal is a free ability with a 45 second cooldown, so making sure you stay alive as long as possible to get off multiple heals every round is important.

On defense, Sage is particularly good at slowing enemy advances with her ice wall and slow orbs. This gives your team much needed time to quickly rotate against an enemy push.

Playing support characters like Sage often get you a free pass when it comes to having a below average KDR, another reason Sage is a good pick for new players. Teammates understand you don’t have the same kill potential as they do. That said, since Sage rewards a safe playstyle, you can often end up with a good KDR if played correctly.


There you have it, five of the best Valorant agents for beginners to play. All of these characters are fairly straightforward to learn and make excellent additions to any team composition. Give them a try and let us know who your favorite agent to play is!

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