The Best Game of Thrones Board Games (Updated 2020)

If you just can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, we have the answer – board games. HBO’s titular series has spawned a plethora of board games, based on the world created by George R.R. Martin. In this article, we’ll be going over the best Game of Thrones board games for fans of the fantasy series. 

Monopoly Game of Thrones

Monopoly has been around for what many agree feels like the beginning of time.  And, as a result, the original Monopoly has since taken a multitude of different themed versions.  One of those versions is Monopoly: Game of Thrones.  As many fans of Monopoly already know, the game is played with a fight mentality, negotiating property, paying owner fees, and of course trying to take down your opponents.  Mix in a little fantasy and how can you go wrong—right?

Instead of traveling the board touching on such places as Park Avenue and Boardwalk, players will alternatively travel the land of Westeros.  As they do, they will be buying, selling, and sometimes even trading properties all over the Seven Kingdoms.  The usual tokens, such as the shoe and the car, are replaced by symbols that fall into a theme with the series the game is based on—that of the sigils of the six great Houses.

Other items in the game also follow the same theme and include a gameboard that features scenes from the series, as well as gold dragon or even silver stag coins.   You can also forget the bland ol houses or hotels to put on the properties you obtain—instead, you will be setting up holdfasts or castles.

Finally, the best part of all is the iron throne card holder, which is a musical stand that actually plays the series theme song.  How totally cool is that?

Game of Thrones: The Board Game

For a television series to be so great, inspiring its own board game is one feat.  But to actually inspire several can only mean the series will go down in history.  That is looking to be the case with Game of Thrones, as it has succeeded where many haven’t in spawning multiple board games.

With the Game of Thrones board game, the object is for one of the 3-6 players to take command of the Great Houses of Westeros, similarly as those characters of the series itself are attempting to achieve.  The game begins with the death of the King Robert Baratheon. The players are left to fight for the very dominance of the realm he ruled, by way of selecting which of the six great houses they want to represent.  From the building up of armies to the marching across the realm in war, the players each attempt to claim as many castles and strongholds as they can until they are finally declared the winner. 

The is pretty heavy on the strategy and rules, so be warned that it can be difficult to learn with new players. Once you get into the game, though, it’s a blast. The game combines the best of Risk in terms of faction conquering, plus resource management, plus card playing. All of the houses seem fairly balanced, which was probably no easy task for the game designers.

There’s also a fair amount of diplomacy, deal making, and backstabbing involved (just like the show) so if you love those elements you’ll find plenty of that in this game. Even if you don’t watch the show or aren’t familiar with the intricacies, this game still provides a lot of entertainment for both strategy and casual players.

Game Of Thrones Clue

The classic game of whodunnit, but with a Game of Thrones twist—yes it’s Clue: Game of Thrones (who would have thought)?  As it would turn out, the two genres go together quite well.  With all the backstabbing and intrigue that drives the series, it would only follow that it would make for some excellent and hilarious gameplay.  Who poisoned King Joffrey?  Who killed Daenerys’ dragon?  These are some of the multiple scenarios that the players will be presented with the task of solving, with answers like
it was Tyrion…in the bathroom…with the axe!

You also have the choice of two different boards, as the one side, you are in the Red Keep.  Flip it over, and you find that you are in Meereen.  This version has twelve suspects, and you will have to choose who is actually the killer and must stand trial for their deeds, or if they will opt for a trial by combat.  As with the original, you will guess not only who the murderer actually is, but also which of the six weapons they used to commit their dastardly deed. The unique player abilities and other GoT themed cards also provide a fun twist to the classic game.

Game Of Thrones Risk

What better game to add a little medieval magic themes to than the beloved strategy game Risk? Like the classic version, the premise in Game of Thrones Risk is that players will fight with growing (and in some cases dwindling) armies in an attempt to conquer the board’s continents, countries, and even regions until one person emerges the victor.  This can be achieved by conquering a specific region or even conquering the world.

With this version, the real world continents on the board of the original are replaced by the many kingdoms of Westeros.  With the ability to accommodate 3-5 players, the battle is set as the participant’s fight to the death in an effort to be the last one standing.  Player boards represent each of the great houses, allowing you to choose to be Baratheons, Tyrells, or whomever you wish.  There are over 650 pieces to the game, and they are all themed to the series itself. 

The biggest adaptation from the original version is a new resource: gold. Players gain gold alongside their additional armies at the start of their turn. This gold can be spent on Objective cards or Maester cards, both with different events and abilities. These cards add another dynamic strategical layer to the game and leads to many more power shifts between players. There’s also nothing more satisfying than derailing your friend’s entire plan with the perfect card at the right time.

Game Of Thrones The Trivia Game

We all know that no Game of Thrones game list would be complete unless it included some sort of trivia-based game—so here it is.  If you think you are an expert about all there is to know about Game of Thrones and those who reside in Westeros, and you have studied every little detail there was to study in each and every episode—then this game is for you.  There are a whopping 1,200 questions, complete with answers, based on the first four seasons of the favorite cult series alone.  

With each correct answer, you will move forward and achieve more and more control within the parameters of the game.  However, if you answer incorrectly—well just say it could get you killed (within the game only of course).  The object is to gain control of each of the Kingdoms of Westeros.  The player who, in the end, controls the most significant number of those Kingdoms is declared the winner. 

Game of Thrones Trivia Game works well as both a 2-player game as well as party game. It’s great fun to pull out before your next GoT viewing party or binge.

A Song Of Ice And Fire

This game is based on the original novel by George R.R. Martin, that eventually became known as Game of Thrones.  Basically a starter set, that follows the land of Westeros following the death of King Robert Baratheon, when a new King has been named.  With over 100 miniature figures, players will each have their own miniature based on a character from either House Stark or House Lannister.

Players will build their individual armies, appoint their leaders, devise their battle strategies, all of which they will put to use in one of five included game modes.  The units really provide you with a feel of a large scale battle. The rules are simple to learn so it’s a great pick-me-up game. That said, the strategical elements of this game are not as heavy as those of, say, the Game of Thrones Board Game listed above.

A Game of Thrones: Card Game

If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you’ll probably love the Game of Thrones: Card Game. It has similar elements but without the collectible aspect, meaning you won’t have to spend absurd amounts of money finding rare cards to add to your deck.

The game works best with 2 players dueling it out, although it does support up to four players. Each player works to build up their roster of character cards while upgrading them with abilities or weapons along the way, and using these characters to attack or defend. Someone with an unbalanced strategy (attacking too much and not defending) will inevitably find themselves exploitable if the game draws on.

The other cool aspect to this game are the plot cards that are drawn at the start of every round. These cards determine income, powers, and overall strategy, which add a ton of variety to each round of gameplay. The game also does a great job incorporating elements of the books and show through the characters’ special abilities (ex. Danaerys has Insight, Wendamyr has Stealth).

While learning the game can take a while for beginners, the game flows well after the initial playthrough. A strong recommend for any GoT fans who love strategic card games.

Final Thoughts

Game of Thrones has inspired more than its fair share of board games. If you’re craving a Game of Thrones fix, you could either wait for the new spinoff shows, wait for George R.R. Martin to finish the next book (one can hope), or you can pass the time with one of these great GoT-themed board games.

Here’s a summary of the best Game of Thrones board games, depending on your preferences:

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