The Best Games to Play If You Like Firewatch

Firewatch is a unique game that takes you on a journey full of mystery and exploration. If you’ve played it and are looking for more games in the same vein, we’ve compiled some of the best games like Firewatch to help you scratch that itch. Most of the games below can be played on both PC and consoles.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange - PlayStation 4
  • A beautiFully written modern adventure game
  • Rewind time to change the course of events

Life is Strange is an excellent game to try if you enjoyed Firewatch. It’s also a mystery adventure game with heavy narration and dialogue. The choices you make will have an effect on the outcome of the game, including which of the multiple endings you’ll experience.

The story revolves around Max Caulfield, a high school senior who realizes she can rewind time while saving her best friend. The two then get wrapped up in the investigation of a fellow friend, all whilst uncovering the hidden secrets of their town.

If you love story driven games and are craving for another immersive and powerful experience after finishing Firewatch, Life is Strange should nicely fill that need. The visuals and music are beautiful, and there may even be a scene or two where you’ll feel a tug on your heart.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark (PS4)
  • English (Subtitle)

The Long Dark is an absorbing survival game set in the frozen wastelands of Canada. You’ll need to create fires by hand, defend yourself against ravenous wolves, and scavenge for food to stay alive.

The game has two modes, a “survival mode” and a “story mode.” The story mode is most similar to Firewatch, as it’s episodic and draws you deeper into the game’s world. You’ll meet other characters and have to make difficult decisions in your quest to survive.

Combined with the realistic graphics and beautiful soundtrack, The Long Dark does an excellent job capturing the atmosphere if the situation akin to Firewatch. Highly recommend giving this game a shot if you liked Firewatch.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a crowdfunded indie game that is a beautifully visual, story-driven game full of rich characters and poignant lessons. It encapsulates that feeling we’ve all experienced of being stuck between hope and despair, and the future and the past.

You play as a college dropout who returns home to her desolate little town of Possum Springs, hoping to revitalize her life and reconnect with old friends. But things feel strange, and it’s up to you to investigate why while juggling the rest of your life.

Night in the Woods offers a sentimental gaming experience akin to Firewatch that is sure to leave you with its message.

Gone Home

Gone Home (Nintendo Switch Physical...
  • Exclusive Physical Edition, Premium Reversible Cover Insert, Foldout Poster, Region Free -...

You can make a good argument that Firewatch drew a lot of inspiration from Gone Home, so we’re definitely including it in this list of games to try if you liked Firewatch.

Like Firewatch, Gone Home is a first person exploration game. The premise is that you’ve returned home after a year abroad, and what was supposed to be a joyful reunion instead turns out to be just an empty house. Something isn’t right, and your job is to figure out what happened and untangle the mystery.

A fun little Easter Egg you may not know about is that Firewatch shares the same universe as Gone Home. Inside one of the many supply caches in Firewatch is the book The Accidental savior by Terrence L. Greenbriar. That author just so happens to be the father of the protagonist in Gone Home.


RiME - Nintendo Switch Standard Edition
  • Explore - Discover the mysterious island at your own pace. Interact with wildlife, search...
  • Solve Puzzles - Make your way through the ancient ruins and its hidden marvels by solving...

RiME is another single player adventure game that requires you to unravel the secrets of the world around you. You play as a young boy, stranded on a mysterious island after being shipwrecked. The goal is to explore the island, unravel secrets, and reach the top of a tower on the island.

Unlike Firewatch, there is no dialogue, but it still shares many similarities. The game features gorgeous graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, and plenty of exploration. You’ll solve puzzles along the way as well to progress the storyline. And boy is there a story in RiME.


  • Dive into a majestic underwater adventure!
  • Discover in game collectibles to unlock end of game achievement

Abzu is an underwater exploration game, where you play as a diver interacting with the sea creatures and discovering ocean secrets along the way.

Unlike Firewatch, there is no talking or narration so if you’re looking for that aspect give one of the other games a try. That said, if you enjoy exploring, beautiful graphics and animation, and want to just relax, Abzu fits the bill nicely.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake - Xbox 360
  • From Remedy, the masters of cinematic action, comes a 3rd person action game filled with...
  • Alan Wake is like a tightly paced thriller TV series, offering endless twists and...

For those of you who loved the storytelling and mystery aspects of Firewatch, but also prefer more action in your video games, Alan Wake is an excellent choice. The game requires you to solve puzzles, explore, and engage in combat, all while enshrouded in a psychological thriller plot.

The game offers an immersive experience through its excellent storytelling, voice acting, and narration. The graphics are also highly realistic, with detailed environments and fitting lighting, all of which give it a cinematic feel akin to Firewatch.

Alan Wake presents a unique twist to combat as well. At night, you’ll be forced to defend yourself against creatures and do so with some help from your trusty flashlight. This occasional combat makes for a fun reprieve against all the reading and makes the game all that more challenging and intense.


PS3 Journey Collection
  • Includes three full games: Journey, Flower, and flOw
  • Bonus content includes the original soundtrack for all three games, three exclusive...

If what you love most about Firewatch is the exploration, Journey has got you covered. What Abzu is to sea exploration, Journey is to the desert. In Journey, you play as a robed figure traveling through the desert to reach a distant mountain.

The game is a stress-free exploration of a beautiful desert, with puzzles to solve along the way to progress. There isn’t any text or speech, and even when you meet other players online, the only way to communicate is through musical chimes.

Like Firewatch, Journey only takes a few hours to complete, but it’ll feel like you’ve played through a much longer experience once you’ve finished.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This game won the 2018 BAFTA Game Awards, along with a slew of others. The game revolves around exploring the massive Finch house, uncovering stories and secrets around your family history to piece together why you’re the only member alive.

What Remains of Edith Finch is all about stories, so if that’s what you enjoy most you’ll absolutely love this game. It’s a beautiful, engrossing tale that will evoke all sorts of emotions.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is another story-based game that plays as a first-person adventure. It takes place in a deserted English town whose inhabitants have all mysteriously disappeared. Your job is to discover how and why this happened.

It’s definitely an immersive game, if a little slow at times. Don’t expect too much action or interactivity, but if you enjoy walking simulator types of games, this is a great option.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carte

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is quite similar to Firewatch, and it’s a highly acclaimed game overall. You play as a detective who investigates the murder of Ethan Carter, all while being drawn deeper into the mysteries of the town and its characters.

The game’s graphics are immersive, the mystery is compelling, and the puzzles are fun. Give this game a shot!


That wraps up our list of games similar to Firewatch. The games above lean heavily on mystery, exploration, immersive environments, storytelling, and gorgeous artwork. Let us know if you have more suggestions on games like Firewatch in the comments below.

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