The Best Gaming Recliners to Help You Game in Comfort

Everyone seems to have an opinion on their preferred gaming chair. A lot of research and deliberation goes into choosing the best one for all your PC gaming needs.

But what about your gaming recliner? We’re talking about the one that you or your friends sit on whenever you play your favorite console games. If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent little to no thought on it.

It wasn’t until I realized I had developed terrible posture from sitting on my couch playing my PS4 did I realize I needed a better, more ergonomic option. One designed specifically with gaming in mind, so that I wouldn’t be hunched over with my neck protruding out every time I played a console game.

I did a lot of research and testing at various furniture stores to make my decision, and I’m glad I did. I’ll be going over some of the best gaming recliners to help you decide what’s best for you.

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating |...
  • Diamond Stitch Leather – stylish finish so you have the best of both worlds:...
  • Top of The Premier Series - this chair is Valencia Theater Seatings #1 best seller. Some...

If you’re looking for a sleek luxury couch, this Valencia Tuscany couch epitomizes that. It’s similar to the Seatcraft sofa above, as it’s a multimedia couch that comes with an array of cool features: accessory holders, hidden storage, LED cupholder, USB charger, and ambient base lighting.

The primary difference is in the design. The Valencia couch comes in black Napa leather that has a distinctly soft feel. The diamond stitched pattern adds a level of elegance that is sure to draw some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from friends.

The seats are powered, with recline options and head rest settings. They only need a few inches of clearance to fully recline, allowing you to place them right against a wall.

All in all, this couch is an amazing addition to any gaming and theater room.

VIT Gaming Recliner Chair

VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style...
  • Selected Material: High resilience sponge is wrapped in high-quality durable PU leather....
  • Multi-Function Use: The adjustable back and footrest can be adjusted from 90 to 180...

The VIT Gaming Recliner is an excellent combination of aesthetics, comfort, and ergonomics for gamers. It’s built with waterproof leather, which makes it easy to clean, and contains high-density sponge inside that provides a comfy cushion.

The frame is extremely sturdy, as it’s manufactured from stainless steel and hardwood. It easily supports over 300lbs in weight. That said, it’s still quite easy to move, and the smooth legs ensure your floors don’t get scratched.

The chair reclines up to 180 degrees, which means you can even take a nap on it if you get exhausted from all the gaming.

At $140, the VIT Gaming Recliner is the best bang for your buck for gaming recliners.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair 

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing...
  • Designed For Gaming: Homall gaming recliner chair is designed for each gamer. This racing...
  • Water Resistant Leather & Soft Sponge: This gaming recliner made with premium PU leather...

The Homall Gaming Recliner is similar to the VIT Gaming Recliner. It features the same high-quality leather and thicker interior sponge, meaning it’s equally as comfortable to sit on.

The footrests and back are adjustable as well, reclining up to 180 degrees. Unlike the VIT recliner though, the Homall has a maximum capacity of 265lbs. The width is also a bit smaller, so if you’re a bigger or taller person you may want to opt for a different recliner.

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Leather Couch

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating -...
  • ✅THE FINEST MATERIAL: Painstakingly, hand-selected genuine top grain leather from the...
  • ✅TOP-IN-CLASS COMFORT: Experience the dream-level of comfort like never before with the...

This couch is perfect for both gaming and movie watching, bringing the movie theater experience right into your living room. With amazing features like cup holders, wireless and AC/USB charging, hidden arm compartment storage, and fold-down tables so you can eat, this gaming couch will ensure you have more than enough to keep you satisfied.

Seatcraft put comfort at the very top of their priority list when manufacturing this couch. The leather – which comes in black, brown, and red – is soft, durable, and sleek, given they sourced only the highest quality of hides. There are also a number of unique comfort features, such as powered recline, an adjustable headrest, and memory function that adjusts to your seating habits.

One more feature to point out is the LED light feature. The couch glows a gentle blue from underneath at night, creating the perfect amount of light for gaming.

The couch does weigh a hefty amount, but that’s a testament to how sturdy and durable it is. It’ll last you your entire lifetime, and then some. Seatcraft assists with home delivery and assembly if you so require.

Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Pillow Padded Motion Sofa

Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Pillow...
  • Set includes: One (1) motion sofa
  • Materials: Fleece and wood

If comfort is your highest priority while gaming, this couch has your name all written over it. This couch is one of the softest out on the market, thanks to its fabric consisting of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. For reference, that’s the same ratio that microfibers towels are made of. That gives you an idea of how soft this couch is – you could wipe your face with it with no irritation!

With the recliner option, you might just find yourself falling asleep on this couch with how soft and cozy it is. To recline, simply push the handles on the side push back – the sofa can go nearly flat if you want it to.

Another great thing about this Weissman Pillow Padded sofa is how easy and quick it is to assemble. It takes just 10-15 minutes to put together without any tools. All you have to do is snap the arm pieces and sides in place.

Unlike some of the other recliners here, this one is fairly low-tech. If you don’t need fancy bells and whistles, this is a great option.

Seatcraft Serenity Leather Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Serenity Leather Home Theater...
  • ✅ THE FINEST MATERIAL: Painstakingly, hand-selected genuine top grain leather from the...
  • ✅ TOP-IN-CLASS COMFORT: Powered Recline. Take your comfort to the next level with the...

Another great recliner for gamers from Seatcraft is its Serenity Recliner. This recliner features a more casual, contemporary look with its clean lines and paddings. It comes in brown, vanilla, and red.

Like the other Seatcraft recliners, this one is also designed with gamers and movie watchers top of mind. The seats include tray tables, in-arm storage, ambient LED cupholders, and base lighting.

While the Serenity model does recline, it does not have an adjustable powered headrest or adjustable powered lumbar support.

The make is extremely high quality, with leather that can clearly withstand the test of time. The seat is not flimsy at all, and the solid cushion will be so comfortable you won’t want to get up.

AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner

Amazon Basics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner...
  • Kid’s/youth recliner appropriate for ages 3 and up, 90 pounds weight capacity
  • Unique gaming design, with headrest and matching pillow for extra comfort and support

Kids need ergonomic gaming recliners too! Thankfully there’s a good option for them with the AmazonBasics gaming recliner, suited for children age 5+ and under 90lbs.

The recliner is built from ultra-smooth LeatherSoft that creates a durable foam frame. The material is fire retardant, giving you peace of mind over your child’s safety. It comes with a headrest and matching back pillow for additional ergonomic support.

If you have an adult sized recliner, get one of these to match. Your child will love it and enjoy feeling all grown up as you game together.

What to Look For in a Gaming Recliner

We’ve gone over the best gaming recliners on the market today. Let’s go over some factors you may want to consider when looking for the right recliner for you.


A recliner is a piece of furniture, and like all furniture, you want it to match with the rest of your household. Some people will value this more than others, but ideally you’ll want to pick a recliner in the right color or aesthetic such that it’s not an eyesore.


Some people prefer having a dedicated headrest to lean back on, while others find them irritating. It’s recommended you figure out which style you prefer, and choose a recliner that fits your head’s needs.

Back support

Some recliners come with dedicated lumbar support. If you have a weak lower back or back pain, this might be worth looking at to help with that.

Leather quality 

The quality of the leather determines how comfortable the recliner will be to sit on and how durable it will be. The higher the quality of leather though, the more expensive the chair usually is. Some leather is also waterproof, which makes cleaning much easier.

Weight capacity

You obviously want to make sure your recliner can hold your weight, and then some. Check the manufacturer’s description before going through with any purchase.


The recliner’s dimensions will determine where you can put it in your house, how close to the wall you can lean it, as well as what other pieces of furniture you can place near it.

Ease of assembly 

If you’re like me and hate having to assemble things by hand, look for an option that comes pre-assembled or simply requires you locking a few pieces into place.


For a true gaming and multimedia experience, you’ll ideally want a gaming recliner with charging ports, snack and drink holders, and perhaps LED backlights.

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