Top 10 Best Hearthstone Legendary Cards of All Time

Legendary cards are hard to acquire in Hearthstone, as they are some of the strongest cards in the game. We’ll be reviewing some of the best Hearthstone legendary cards of all time. Take a trip with us down memory lane!

1. Dr. Boom 

Dr. Boom was possibly the strongest legendary card to be created and released in the game. Dr. Boom is a 7 mana 7/7 minion that summons two additional 1/1 mechs that deal 1-4 damage to random enemies when they die.

That gave Dr. Boom so much value and made him a must-have card in any deck. Even players with a very small collection would save their dust in order to craft Dr. Boom, he was just that good of a card.

Dr. Boom was released with the Boomsday Project, a science theme expansion that made mechs a thing in the meta. Since Dr. Boom summoned two 1/1 mechs, that gave him an even stronger presence in mech-decks.

The only counter to Dr. Boom was the Big Game Hunter at the time. But even if Big Game Hunter did manage to kill Dr. Boom, you still had the two 1/1 mechs that deal up to 4 damage to random enemies.

For all these reasons, Dr. Boom was one of the strongest and most insane legendaries ever released in the game.

2. Loatheb 

Loatheb is a 5 mana 5/5 minion that has a Battlecry which increases enemy spells’ costs by 5 during their next turn.

The reason Loatheb is so good is he can ruin your enemy’s entire tempo and constrict him to either playing a very expensive spell card or only playing minions that turn.

Loatheb was used by almost every deck on release and he was a legendary that stayed in the meta all the way until he was removed from standard and was only playable in wild.

3. Sylvanas Windrunner 

Sylvanas Windrunner was another card that was included in almost all decks. Sylvanas is a 6 mana 5/5 that takes control of a random enemy minion once it dies. She was an amazing counter against enemies that played a lot of minions on board.

Sylvanas has seen lots of play on release and was in play for as long as she was in standard before getting the banhammer. She still is one of the strongest 6 cost minions that can turn the tide of the game.

4. Emperor Thaurisan

Emperor Thaurisan is one of the legendaries introduced in the Black Rock Mountain expansion. Emperor Thaurisan, Like Sylvanas, is a 6 mana 5/5 minion. Its effect reduces the mana cost of all cards in your hand by 1. This is great since your opponent is forced to get rid of Thaurisan if he doesn’t want you to play your cards cheaply.

5. The Caverns Below 

The Caverns Below is a rogue quest legendary card which can be achieved after playing five minions with the same name. Lots of decks were made to use this quest and take advantage of its reward.

The card you get for completing the quest is Crystal Core which sets all your minions’ stats to 5/5. Usually, Rogue players would set their decks up with 1 or 2 mana cost minions that summon other smaller minions, creating a large army of 5/5 minions that is very hard for your opponent to get rid of.

The Rogue deck then became the strongest in the meta at the time, players everywhere either used the Rogue deck or used a counter deck which was made specifically to counter the Rogue deck.

6. Archmage Antonidas 

Archmage Antonidas is a classic mage legendary which has been a staple for the mage class ever since its release. Archmage can give you an endless supply of fireballs, which means you can have an endless supply of 6 dmg spells, which is insane.

Back in the days, Archmage Antonidas was a key card for a lot of Mage decks, including the commonly known Freeze Mage. Archmage Antonidas was one of the win conditions for freeze mage, and people managed to pull crazy combos with him.

Combines with Emperor Thaurissan, Archmage Antonidas can easily make 3 or 4 fireballs at a time, which is about 18-24 damage.

7. Reno Jackson

Reno Jackson is a strange situational game-changing card. You have 1 HP left? Bam, summon Reno Jackson, back to full HP!

Reno Jackson fully heals your HP if you have no duplicates in your deck. Combined with a few other “no duplicate in deck” cards, lots of strong meta decks were created, and Reno Jackson was a corner-stone card for them.

8. Cairne Bloodhoof 

Cairne Bloodhoof is possibly one of the most value cards in the game. He’s a 6 mana 4/5 that summons a 4/5 upon death, which adds up to a 6 mana 8/10 after a few turns.

This made him such a good tempo mid-range card and made him a real threat in the game.

Combined with a few Deathrattle buff cards such as Baron Rivendare which triggers your Deathrattle twice, Cairne Bloodhoof was a card to be feared. Still to this day, Cairne is a strong tempo mid-game card that is used by many decks.

9. Ragnaros the Firelord

Ragnaros the Firelord was a staple card in almost every deck back in the days. He is also one of the most fun legendaries in the game, randomly dealing 8 damage to a random enemy, obliterating them.

He can be easily countered by summoning lots of low-cost minions to bait him, but he is still strong and fun to play.

Ragnaros the Firelord had lots of spotlight in major tournaments and competitive play a while back, he was a card that anyone who had him would use him.

10. Alexstrasza

Alexstrasza used to be a major card in the meta, she still is used, but not as often as before. She’s another game-changing legendary which can set anyone’s HP to 15 as well as have a body of an 8/8 dragon.

Alexstrasza is a legendary used in most tempo decks and in all Freeze Mage decks. Alexstrasza basically deals 15 damage for 9 mana, as well as be an 8/8 dragon on the field, which is very worth it for a freeze mage.

There are some people that used her as a winning condition for OTK priest decks. She was also used in a lot of paladin decks and even used as a heal in some Druid decks.

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