The Best Maplestory Class of Each Role

There are five basic roles in Maplestory: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Archer, and Pirate. Within these basic roles are further specializations.

If you’re wondering what the best classes of each role are, we’ve got you covered. This list is based on empirical evidence and stats. Keep in mind though that items and equipment have a larger effect on how strong your character is compared to the class itself.

Alright, let’s get into the best Maplestory classes of each role.

Best Warrior Class: Blaster


  • Consistently high damage output
  • Extremely mobile
  • Excels at both bossing and mobbing
  • Super fun to play


  • Lower survivability compared to other Warriors
  • Requires high funding to maximize potential
  • Mechanically intensive
  • Low utility in party settings

Since Blasters were introduced in 2016, they’ve consistently ranked at the top of the Warrior role in terms of overall strength and damage output. Warriors are typically known for their low mobility, slower attack speed, and lack of consistent DPS, at least compared to the other roles.

Blasters flip all these stereotypes upside down. They are a speed-based Warrior that neutralizes these three weaknesses with superb mobility and consistent DPS (with or without fifth job skills).

Compared to other Warrior classes, Blasters are a bit less tanky since they lack frontloaded damage mitigation from enemies. Blast Shield and Vitality Shield are the only two defensive skills they have. This isn’t a huge issue, but just something worth pointing out.

The biggest drawback Blasters have is they are the hardest class to play in Maplestory. They are mechanically demanding, moreso than Zeros, Arks, Cadenas, etc. There’s a reason they are known as the finger destroying class, which is why they are the least played Warrior type.

If you enjoy playing skillful characters and dishing out tons of damage though, Blaster is the perfect class for you.

Best Mage Class: Kinesis


  • Incredible mobbing skills
  • Very high DPS against stationary mobs
  • Highly mobile flash jump
  • Enemy dispel


  • Downtime waiting for Psychic Points to recharge
  • Difficult to fight against mobile targets

Kinesis is one of the few Mage classes that has managed to largely escape the nerf hammer. Other Mage classes like Ice/Lightning, Fire/Poison, Luminous, Blaze Wizard, Evan have all been gutted in some way or another. Unlike other Mages that attack really quickly, Kinesis’ attack speed is actually fairly slow, but they make up for this with greater raw numbers.

As their name implies, Kinesis’ power comes from telekinetic power. In terms of mobility, they don’t have a teleport skill but do have a double flash jump. Being able to alternate between double horizontal, double vertical, or a combination of those gives them versatile mobility

Kinesis have one of the best mobbing strengths in the game, given all of their skills have huge range and can essentially clean out entire maps with you standing still.

Kinesis also make great party members, with their enemy debuff skills and binds, alongside their amazing mob clearing. They can also dispel enemy buffs.

Being strong across the board does come with some drawbacks, though. The biggest of which is that Kinesis are resource constrained. Psychic Power takes a while to recharge so you’ll experience some downtime. The other big weakness they have is their unreliability against mobile targets.

Best Thief Class: Night Walker


  • Consistent DPS
  • Best mobility in game
  • High single-target burst damage
  • Excellent attack speed with animation canceling


  • High cooldowns
  • Requires Sticky Keys
  • Lacks stability in boss fights

The Night Walker class has been creeping up the ranks for a while due to small buffs here and there while Night Lords keep getting nerfed. With the Fifth Job skills, it’s now safe to say Night Walkers are the strongest Thief Class.

Night Walker are similar to Night Lords but with a more mobile and flexible playstyle, in exchange for amplified weaknesses. The character essentially has bigger risks and rewards.

With their excellent mobility and two instant reposition abilities, Night Walkers excel against bosses. By animation canceling their attacks, Night Walkers have one of the best consistent damage outputs in the game.

Despite being notoriously squishy, they do have some excellent survivability tools. Passive revive every 30 minutes and partial lifesteal makes these the best bossing classes in the game

After the recent Fifth Job skills, Night Walkers are also now one of the best mobbers in the game.

Best Archer Class: Pathfinder


  • Unrivaled single-target damage and mobbing ability
  • Insane mobility
  • High, consistent base damage
  • Strong early, mid and late game


  • Relatively low party utility
  • Relies on stacking debuffs to maximize DPS
  • Squishy without Ancient Astra and Obsidian Barrier active
  • Requires Sticky Keys

As of 2019, Pathfinder is considered the best class in the game, so it’s no surprise that they’d make this list. While Archers have always been at the top of the rankings, Pathfinders manage to take all the pros and few of the cons of the other Archer classes.

Most Archers perform best attacking from afar while kiting enemies, using their trademark Hurricane skills to maximize DPS. Pathfinders, on the other hand, do most of their damage from short to midrange burst without a Hurricane type skill. Most of their damage comes from chaining skills together and using Cardinal Force and Ancient Force, which combined make for a fun playstyle.

Despite their short to mid range, Pathfinders are actually one of the best mobbers in the game, thanks to their skills having ridiculous horizontal and vertical range. And while they may be slightly weaker when it comes to Bossing compared to Angelic Busters and Blasters, their mobility and high single-target damage is still more than enough for them to solo bosses.

The only real weakness Pathfinders have is their lack of power stance without Mihile Link, making them pretty squishy. But this is pretty negligible, considering late game bosses all one shot you anyway if you let them hit you.

Best Pirate Class: Angelic Buster


  • Highest base damage ratios
  • Strong mobbing and single-target DPS
  • No resource bar
  • Very strong midgame


  • Low defense for melee class
  • Weak early game
  • Slower attack speed than other Pirates

Like most of the other strongest classes listed here, Angelic Busters also rely on chaining combo skills. They also tend to be one of the lesser played classes, probably due to their mechanical difficulty and acquired taste.

With no resource bar and instead relying on Resource Charge, almost all of Angelic Buster’s skills have an internal cooldown. These cooldowns have a chance to be reset with every skill you use, which makes for a unique playstyle.

When Angelic Busters were first released, they were the only class to be able to go beyond the 1 million damage cap. Between 2013 and 2017, the damage cap was upped to 50 million and ABs were strong but not great.

After Fifth Job came out though, Angelic Busters once again reign supreme with the highest damage ratios in the game. With new skills that grant her huge buffs, recharging is also a non-issue, allowing you to keep 100% uptime. Her slow attack speed has also been mitigated.

In terms of weaknesses, Pirate classes aren’t exactly known for their supportive capabilities. Busters do have a strong debuff with Finale Ribbon, but aside from that don’t offer much in party situations. She’s also quite squishy and lacks self-peel, so everything depends on dodging attacks and external items. And while ABs are great at both single-target damage and mobbing, she can only really do one or the other.

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