The Best Mesa Prime Builds in Warframe

Mesa is one of the more popular warframes to play in the game. Her aesthetic is enticing and the gunslinger style of play can be insanely fun. With her high stats and DPS potential, Mesa is great in team fights as well as solo objectives.

If you’re wondering about the best Mesa builds in 2019, we’ve compiled some suggestions here that may help you out. But first, let’s talk about how to get Mesa in the first place.

How to Get Mesa and Mesa Prime

If you don’t have Mesa yet, you can either unlock her by purchasing the parts in the market or completing the Patient Zero quest. Doing so will unlock the Assassinate Alad V Mission, which offers you the chance to find Mesa Component Parts. You can do as many runs as you want in order to find the parts.

Mesa Neuroptics Blueprint – Common (38.72%)
Mesa Chassis Blueprint – Common (38.72%)
Mesa Systems Blueprint – Uncommon (22.56%)

Mesa Prime is the Primed version of Mesa. You should work to unlock her as soon as possible if you enjoy her style of play, as the stat boosts are significant. The primed mods also provide a significant DPS boost, with bonus critical chance and damage pairing nicely with the 25% crit chance and 3.0x crit damage of Regulators.

At Rank 30, Mesa Prime vs Mesa comparisons:

  • Health – 405 vs 375
  • Armor – 85 vs 65
  • Energy – 188 vs 150

You can obtain Mesa Prime by either buying the parts or farming them yourselves. The parts are found in various Relics, as seen below:

  • Mesa Prime Blueprint: Neo Z2 Relics (Uncommon)
  • Prime Chassis Blueprint: Axi H4 Relics (Common)
  • Prime Neuroptics Blueprint: Lith M3 Relics (Rare)
  • Prime Systems Blueprint: Neo M2 Relics (Rare)

Here’s where you can farm each Relic:

  • Neo Z2 Relics: Sedna – Hydron 8.83% chance in rotation A | Void – Ukko 5.56% chance | Void – Oxomoco 5.56% chance
  • Axi H4 Relics: Pluto – Hieracon 12.5% chance in rotation C | Sedna – Hydron 19.13% in rotation C
  • Lith M3 Relics: Void – Hepit 14.29% chance | Void – Teshub 14.29% chance
  • Neo M2 Relics: Sedna – Hydron 8.83% chance in rotation A | Void – Ukko 5.56% chance | Void – Oxomoco 5.56% chance

How to Best Build Mesa 

In general, the best way to build Mesa is to prioritize the following stats, in order:

  1. Duration
  2. Efficiency
  3. Strength
  4. Range

Duration is key for Mesa’s Peacemaker (4), Shatter Shield (3) and Shooting Gallery (2) abilities in order to keep them running as long as possible. These are her bread and butter skills and should be used as much as possible to give Mesa her tankiness and DPS we all know.

Like Duration, Efficiency is also necessary to optimize Mesa’s abilities as it helps with energy consumption. This is crucial to hit the maximum energy drain cap of 3.75/s for Peacemaker.

This 3.75/s cap can be hit with various combinations of efficiency and duration mods. For example:

  • 130% efficiency + Streamline mod + 280% duration
  • 160% efficiency + Fleeting Expertise mod + 160% duration + Narrow Minded mod + Any other duration mod + Fleeting Expertise
  • 190% efficiency + Streamline mod + Fleeting expertise mod + Any duration above 40%

Strength can be capped at a certain point, as you only need 120% strength for the 95% damage reduction of Shattershield. Increasing Strength past this does add to the damage multiplier though, so is still recommended. But given Mesa destroys everything with around 150% Strength anyway, you don’t have to go crazy on this stat.

Range should be prioritized least, because it’s only used for Shooting Gallery (2) which should be used in melee range anyway. Another reason to tank range is because Mesa’s primary weapons are the Regulators. These max out at a 50m range anyway, and you’ll be modding the Regulators as well.

Best Mesa Prime Builds 

The great thing about Mesa is that she has a lot of viable builds based on your preferred gameplay. Let’s take a look at some suggestions.

Build 1: 

mesa build

This build minimizes Range, keeps Strength a bit beyond the 120% mark, and maximizes Duration and Efficiency. The mods also maximize Ability Duration, with Narrow Minded, Fleeting Expertise, Primed Flow, etc.

Build 2: 

mesa build

This build maximizes Strength if you really want to roll over enemies and ensure survivability. It minimizes Range while keeping Duration and Efficiency at a respectable level.

Build 3: 

mesa build

This build is similar to Build 2, in that it seeks to maximize Strength over other Abilities. Here we also have Mesa’s Waltz, which is one of the best QoL improvements. The ability gives her instant draw times, allows you to chase down foes, and roll increasing your aim reticle.

Build 4: 

mesa build

This build is more of a jack of all trades build that allows you to do a bit of everything decently well, while still doing a good job of maximizing duration of abilities.

Best Regulator Mods for Mesa

Based on a deep-dive analysis a reddit user conducted, the four undisputed best mods for the Regulator are Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit, Barrel Diffusion, and Lethal Torrent. 

If you’re trying to maximize DPS, you have to select these mods. After you’ve taken these four, you can then use any combination of 90% Elementals, Dual stat 60/60 elementals, Anemic Agility, and Hornet Strike.

Avoid Gunslinger and Hollow Point, as these added the least to DPS.


Try these builds out and see how you like them. Keep in mind, though, that ultimately how you build Mesa or any other frame is up to you and your preferred play style.

If you have other suggested builds for Mesa, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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