The Best Playstation (PS3, PS4, PSVR) Fitness Games

We’ve covered the best Xbox fitness games in a prior article. Now we’re looking at the best Playstation console exercise games on the PS3, PSV4, and PSVR. Video games are no longer just a sedentary activity – the games below will get your heart rate up, help you burn fat, and get you in shape.

Best PS3 Fitness Games

To get started with PS3 fitness games, you need the following equipment:

Note most fitness games require two motion controllers.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness - PlayStation 3
  • Both locally and online - as you team up and try to earn the highest workout score as a...
  • Utilizes the PlayStation Move system to bring the Zumba Fitness experience home with you...

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Zumba at home and get your work out, Zumba Fitness for the PS3 is a great way to do so. Zumba classes can get expensive, after all, so this game is also an affordable way to participate in Zumba without breaking your wallet.

The game does a good job bringing the party atmosphere of a Zumba class into your living room. Follow along to the instructor as you dance to Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Rumba, Hip-Hop, and other types of styles.

Fit in Six

Fit in Six - Playstation 3
  • Get in shape using a combination of six elements of fitness, including cardio, balance,...
  • Enjoy individually tailored workouts that can be expanded with downloadable routines to...

Fit in Six is a decent home workout for beginners. The game incorporate six elements of fitness: cardio, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, flexibility, and core to help you shape and strengthen your body. You can customize the music to the workouts so pump yourself up during the workouts.

There isn’t that much synchronization between your player on-screen and what you do, though. It’s essentially a home workout video. So you’re better off with one of the other games listed if you want a more motion or VR experience.

Get Fit With Mel B 

Get Fit with Mel B - Playstation 3
  • Using a proprietary engine featuring a sensational full-body detection system, Get Fit...
  • Players will appear on screen alongside celebrity superstar Mel B receiving her real-time...

Get Fit With Mel B introduces some heavy advancements in full-body detection technology that makes gameplay realistic and exciting. Players are put on screen right beside Mel B as they workout to various workouts like cardio, kickboxing, and dance fitness as she provides instruction.

The great part about this game is it supports workouts with useful workout equipment like medicine balls, step-up platforms, and resistance bands. The game also provides meal plans for various diets and 140 healthy recipes.

Everybody Dance

PS3 Everybody Dance
  • Play with up to 20 friends in Party mode
  • Dance to the official music videos from 40 of your favorite pop, hip hop and club hits

Everybody Dance is another awesome dance workout game that you can play on the PS3. What’s different about this game is it supports up to 20 people at once, making it a perfect party game for large groups. Other differences from Just Dance are that in this game, the screen features real people instead of cartoons dancing, along with a music video playing.

Along with its party mode, Everybody Dance also has a workout mode and create your own dance mode, allowing for greater customization.

UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer - Playstation 3
  • Learn over 70 MMA-inspired exercises, including moves from disciplines such as wrestling,...
  • Utilizes your existing PlayStation Move system and an included leg strap for your...

If you’ve ever wanted to learn and practice MMA at home, UFC Personal Trainer is a great game to pickup. You can learn over 70 kickes, punches, grapples, and takedowns inspired by wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai.

Perhaps the most fun part of the game is hitting the mitts against actual popular UFC fighters. They’ll encourage and motivate you while giving you tips on how to improve your form, all while you try to accomplish challenging agility and rhythm goals.

EA Sports Active 2

EA Sports Active 2 - PS3 *** SOFTWARE...
  • Stay motivated with the ultimate cutting edge fitness program
  • This software has endless exercise variety, have fun while you get fit

If your primary goal is to burn fat and lose weight, EA Sports Active 2 is one of your best bets to do so. This game will kick your butt with its workouts and really get you sweating. What’s great is this game doesn’t require a Move motion controller – all you need to get started are the straps to put onto your arms and legs.

That said, this game is great for all levels of fitness. You can set the difficulty level and even customize workouts to hit certain body parts more often.

Best PS4 Fitness Games

To get started with PS4 fitness games, you need the following equipment:

Note that you will need the PS4 Camera for PS4 and PSVR games. The PS3 camera is not compatible with the PS4, and the PS4 camera is not compatible with the PS3.

However, the PS3 motion controllers can be used for the PS3, PS4, and PSVR.

Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2020 - PlayStation 4 Standard...
  • 40 HOT NEW TRACKS: Keep the party going with the latest hits like “I Don't Care” by Ed...
  • FREE JUST DANCE UNLIMITED: Dance to 500+ of your favorite songs. A free one-month trial is...

What better way to exercise than whilst dancing your butt off and having a blast? Everybody’s favorite dancing game is back in Just Dance 2020 with all new hits, like Billie Eilish, BLACKPINK, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande. Compared to previous versions, the game’s dance moves are a lot cooler and energetic. This game is perfect for kids and adults alike, and is guaranteed to bring out tons of laughs in a party setting.

Baila Latino

Baila Latino - PlayStation 4
  • The new dance game for the whole family!
  • Baila Latino has 20 hit songs to dance with the choreographies of Carlo Romano and Vera...

Baila Latino is another dance exercise game, with a focus on latino influenced songs and dances. While most of the songs are not hit songs like in Just Dance 2020, if you want to bring the sunny beaches of Miami or tropical feel of the Caribbean into your home, this game does the trick. The game allows up to four players to play simultaneously and also features a karaoke mode if you want to sing along.

Best PSVR Fitness Games

To get started with PSVR fitness games, you need the following equipment:


Boxvr (PSVR) (PS4)
  • Awarded best VR Cardio fitness game of 2018, BOXVR brings music enhanced, boxing inspired...
  • Workout Classes by fitness experts! Leading fitness instructors help us produce a variety...

If you’re looking for a PS4 fitness game to kick your butt, this is it. BoxVR won the award for Best VR Cardio Fitness Game in 2018, and there’s a good reason why. The game’s workouts are led by fitness experts who will instruct you through a variety of boxing classes that are designed to burn calories.

With bright, vivid colors and high bpm music, the game makes working out a blast. The goal is to punch the blue orbs that fly at you with your blue glove, and the pink orbs with the pink one. The orbs fly at you in different ways, requiring you to throw straight jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercuts, and occasionally block. But don’t forget about your legs, too, as you’ll need to squat and lunge to avoid giant blocks that fly at you sometimes!

Everybody’s Golf VR

Everybody's Golf VR - PlayStation 4
  • Swing for the flag with your PlayStation Move motion controller or DS4 wireless controller
  • Play through three incredible courses with tips from your very own charismatic caddie

Everybody’s Golf VR is a golf simulation game that you can play on the PS4. While this game isn’t an exercise game in the same way the others listed here are, you can certainly still work up a sweat playing Everybody’s Golf – all while improving your swing. It’s a great pickup for amateur and serious golfers alike.

The physics of this game are highly realistic, and you’ll feel as if you’re right there on the greens when playing. The game does a good job capturing your movements and translating them smoothly onto the screen. If you tend to slice balls, or don’t point your feet where you want the ball to go, or have a mediocre chipping game, that will all be transferred into the game. That may sound daunting, but at the same time presents a great opportunity to improve your golf game right at home.


Whatever your preferred exercise method, whether it be dance, cardio, MMA, or strength-based, there are a number of great at home exercise games on PS3 and PS4 to help keep you fit and in shape. Hopefully this article has helped you as you decide which Playstation fitness game is best for you or your family’s needs.

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