Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Complete Food Recipes List

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the first Dragon Quest Builders that was released globally in July 2019. The game is an open world sandbox, where players can do everything from construct buildings, craft items, and cook delicious food recipes.

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  • Combining both RPG and crafting gameplay together, this game is all about gathering...
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The number of available meal prep options can be quite daunting, and there isn’t a great guide or wiki for all of the food recipes. So if you’re looking for the complete list of food recipes in DQB2, we’ve got you covered.

The table below lists all of the possible cooking recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the specific ingredients you’ll need. To look up a specific recipe, you can use the search bar to find it in the table. Have fun cooking up these delicious meals!

 Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3
Grilled GreensVegetable (1)
Great Grilled GreensVegetable (2)
Gorgeous Grilled GreensVegetable (3)
Seared SteakMeat (1)
Superior SteakMeat (2)
Spectacular SteakMeat (3)
Fish StickFish (1)
Fine Fish StickFish (2)
Finest Fish StickFish (3)
Better BreadBuckwheat
Best BreadRice
Fruit FlambeFruit (1)
Fine Fruit FlambeFruit (2)
Finest Fruit FlambeFruit (3)
Shrooms on a StickMarshroom
Spectacular Shrooms on a StickGlumgus
Crispy KelpKelp
Seared ScallywinkleScallywinkle
Cactus SteakCactus Cutlet
Jacket PotatoPotato
Corn on the CobSweetcorn
Boiled ButterbeansButterbeans
Fried EggEgg
SweetiesSugar Cane
Flame Grilled PlumberryPlumberry
Cooked Crab ClawCrab Claw
Squid on a StickSquid
Superior Squid on a StickBig Squid
Spectacular Squid on a StickWhopping Great Squid
Grilled BeakfishStriped Beakfish
Great Grilled BeakfishBig Striped Beakfish
Gorgeous Grilled BeakfishGreat Whopping Striked Beakfish
Hot MilkMilk
TentagllatelleVile Vines
Slimy SteakManky Meat
Springtide SprinklesCherry Blossom
Smoked SalmonKing Salmon
Premium Smoked SalmonBig King Salmon
Superb Smoked SalmonGreat Whopping King Salmon
Butterbean ButterButterbean
Pickled HeatrootHeatroot
Superior Pickled HeatrootWhite-hot Heatroot
Farmers FrappeWheat
Diggers JiggerFruit (1)
Delicious Digger's JiggerFruit (2)
Divine Digger's JiggerFruit (3)
Savoury SmoothieVegetable (1)
Superior Savoury SmoothieVegetable (2)
Spectacular Savoury SmoothieVegetable (3)
Prickly PopPrickly Peach
Black CoffeeCoffee Beans
Rice SmoothieRice
Stir-FryVegetable (1)Meat (1)
Superior Stir-FryVegetable (2)Meat (1)
Spectacular Stir-FryVegetable (3)Meat (2)
Slime BunGrain (1)Meat (1)
Superior Slime BunGrain (1)Meat (2)
Spectacular Slime BunGrain (3)Meat (2)
Turf 'N' TruffMeat (1)Fungus (1)
Tastier Turf 'N' TruffMeat (2)Fungus (1)
Tastiest Turf 'N' TruffMeat (3)Fungus (2)
Seafood SaladVegetable (1)Fish (1)
Superior Seafood SaladVegetable (3)Fish (1)
Spectacular Seafood SaladVegetable (3)Fish (3)
Fish BowlFish (1)Grain (1)
Fine Fish BowlFish (3)Grain (1)
Saucy SpaghettiVegetable (1)Grain (1)
Superior Saucy SpaghettiVegetable (2)Grain (1)
Spectacular Saucy SpaghettiVegetable (2)Grain (3)
Fruit PieGrain (1)Fruit (1)
Fine Fruit PieGrain (1)Fruit (2)
Finest Fruit PieGrain (3)Fruit (2)
Scrumptious SaladCabbageTomato
Scrumptiouser SaladRed CabbageKiller Tomato
Pumpkin SoupPumpkinMilk
Superior Pumpkin SoupPlumpkinMilk
Pumpkin PiePumpkinGrain (1)
Superior Pumpkin PiePlumpkinGrain (1)
ButtermilkButterbeansPure Water
Supersized SteakScaly SteakBeef
SchnitzelMeat (1)Oil
Searing SteakMeat (1)Chili Pepper
Superior Searing SteakMeat (1)Red-Hot Chili Pepper
Fried FishFish (1)Oil
PizzaGrain (1)Cheese
Buttered ToastButterGrain (1)
Rice PuddingGrain (1)Milk
Cream of Marshroom SoupFungus (1)Buttermilk
Coddled EggEggHot Water
GungerbreadGrain (1)Sugar Cane
Ice CreamSnowMilk
Snow ConeFruit (1)Ice
Stuffed OmeletteRiceEgg
Salmon Rice BallRiceSalmon
Superior Salmon Rice BallRiceBig Salmon
Spectacular Salmon Rice BallRiceGreat Whopping Salmon
Rice DumplingsRiceSugar Cane
SushiFish (1)Rice
Chop GooeyVile VinesManky meat
Monster MunchiesFrogstoolDry Grass
Soldier's StewVegetable (1)Meat (1)Pure Water
Superior Soldier's StewVegetable (2)Meat (2)Pure Water
Spectacular Soldier's StewVegetable (3)Meat (3)Pure Water
BurgerMeat (1)Grain (1)Vegetable (1)
Better BurgerMeat (2)Grain (1)Vegetable (2)
Best BurgerMeat (2)Grain (3)Vegetable (2)
Sailor's StewVegetable (1)Fish (1)Pure Water
Superior Sailor's StewVegetable (2)Fish (2)Pure Water
Spectacular Sailor's StewVegetable (3)Fish (3)Pure Water
Crabby CroquetteCrabGrain (1)Milk
Potato SaladPotatoAubergetteEgg
CheeseburgerCheeseMeat (1)Grain (1)
Meat MountainBeefLamb ChopChicken Drumsticks
BouillabaisseFish (1)TomatoPure Water
Better BouillabaisseFish (1)Killer TomatoPure Water
Cheesy RisottoGrain (1)CheeseButter
PorridgeGrain (1)LeekPure Water
Butterbean BrothButterbean ButterLeekPure Water
Fruity TartFruit (1)Grain (1)Sugar Cane
Hearty Cream CakeGrain (1)Sugar CaneStrawberry
Heartier Cream CakeGrain (1)Sugar CaneMoreberry
Sponge CakeGrain (1)Sugar CaneButterbean
Chicken DinnerRiceChicken DrumsticksEgg
Nice NoodlesBuckwheatLeekWhite-Hot Heatroot
Fried Veggie NoodlesBuckwheatOilVegetable (1)
WhitebaitFish (1)WheatOil
Fresh Fish FeastSalmonRed SnapperTuna
Fine Fresh Fish FeastBig SalmonBig Red SnapperBig Tuna
Finest Fresh Fish FeastGreat Whopping SalmonGreat Whopping Red SnapperGreat Whopping Tuna
Pan-Fried MarlinVegetable (1)MarlinButter
Premier Pan-Fried MarlinVegetable (1)Big MarlinButter
Perfect Pan-Fried MarlinVegetable (1)Great Whopping MarlinButter
Anglerfish StewAnglerfishButterbean ButterPure Water
Amazing Anglerfish StewBig AnglerfishButterbean ButterPure Water
Astonishing Anglerfish StewGreat Whopping AnglerfishButterbean ButterPure Water
Fish MeuniereFish (1)Grain (1)Butter
Fish and ChipsFish (1)PotatoOil
GoregasbordVile VinesManky MeatFrogstool
Full Moon GungerbreadGrain (1)Medicine LeafChili Pepper
Fine Full Moon GungerbreadGrain (1)Medicine LeafRed-Hot Chili Pepper
Gungerbread of AwakeningGrain (1)Medicine LeafChili Pepper
Gungerbread of ImmunityGrain (1)Medicine LeafHeatroot
Good Gungerbread of ImmunityGrain (1)Medicine LeafWhite-Hot Heatroot
Gungerbread of ClarityGrain (1)Medicine LeafLeek

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  1. Some more detail about the recipes would be helpful. For example, Farmers Frappe… It just says Wheat. But adding that to any fire, frypan, or oven just makes bread?????

  2. Its weird that you list milk as a recipe with cow as an ingredient. Cows produce milk from useing the bottomless pot to milk them. This is not a recipe.


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