Top 10 Easiest League of Legends (LoL) Champions for Beginners

Are you new to League of Legends or just haven’t figured out which champion suits you? Is every champion you play too hard or too complex? Well, we’ve composed a list of the best champions perfect for beginners along with a runepage for each champion to help you get started!

1. Master Yi

master yi

Master Yi is a hypercarry melee assassin usually played in the Jungle. He can be played Top or Mid, but his laning potential is low since he has a weak early-game.

Master Yi’s bread and butter is his Q, which allows him to teleport to his target dealing massive damage to the target and several nearby enemies, during the duration, Master Yi becomes untargatable. This ability is a great gap-closer as well as a great way to dodge incoming abilities.

While his early game might be a bit weak, his mid to late game more than make up for it. He can easily destroy teams alone and potentially 1v5 if under the right circumstances.

It is easy to start playing Master Yi and he is a very forgiving champion to play. He is possibly the easiest champion to carry with once fed, and doesn’t require any complex mechanics to play.

yi runepage

2. Annie


Next up is Annie. She is usually played in the Middle lane, but she can also be played as a support in the bottom lane.

Unlike Master Yi, Annie relies more on her abilities than Basic Attacks. She has good range on her abilities which allows her to poke enemies from a safe distance.

Annie is a very easy champion to farm with. Her Q has reduced cool-down and costs no mana when it kills a minion, allowing her to easily farm with her Q. This is great if you’re bad at farming or you keep missing farm, which makes Annie a very good choice for beginners.

Annie also has incredible burst damage and CC(Stun), allowing her to change a fight’s outcome easily if she lands her ultimate paired with a stun.

Generally, all you need to do with Annie is farm early game using your Q and after you get your ultimate you can either roam to help the other lanes or play aggressively against your lane opponent.

annie rune

3. Garen


Garen is a Top Lane fighter champion that doesn’t use skills shots or mana! Garen is Okay early-game, mid-game, and late-game. He isn’t weak at any point in the game and isn’t too strong in any certain point either, he’s just OKAY at everything. He’s Okay at doing damage and Okay at being a tank.

Garen’s abilities are very simple, straight forward, and easy to use. He is great at lone 1v1 fights and has passive health regen which is great for staying in lane longer.

Since Garen doesn’t use any mana, you can easily spam his abilities on enemy champions and minions so you don’t have to miss any farm.

Garen is all-in-all a very easy to play champion with a decent kit that is okay at everything.

4. Malphite 


Malphite is a great team-champion that can set up strong combos for his team to follow-up on.

He has great poke with his Q, which does damage based on his AP as well as slows the target. It is a point-and-click ability so you can’t miss it.

Malphite’s strongest ability is his ultimate. Malphite’s ultimate is one of the strongest in the game. Malphite rushes in and knocks up all enemy units in his target location while also dealing massive damage to them, this allows his teammates to finish off all the enemies caught in Malphite’s ultimate with ease.

Because of his simple kit, easy-to-use but incredibly strong ultimate, Malphite has a great beginner kit because as long as you land that ultimate, you’re helping your team win.

malphite rune

5. Amumu


Amumu is an AP jungler that specializes in Crowd Controls (stuns). He can easily clear jungle camps with his E and W. His ganks are deadly since his Q can be cast from a long range and can deliver an effective stun, while his ultimate stuns everyone in a large circle around him.

Amumu’s Ult paired with his Q is almost as devestating as Malphite’s ult, with a long stun that can affect the entire enemy team and deal quite a bit of damage while your team pick them off one by one.

Amumu does use a lot of mana so if you don’t have blue buff it might be hard to stay in the jungle or gank lanes. Amumu can also be played support bue he does so much better in the jungle.

amumu rune

6. Miss Fortune

miss fortune

Miss Fortune is a simple yet effectively strong ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champion. She has passive movement speed which allows her to easily run away or catch up to enemies.

She can freely poke and harass with her Q which can bounce off champions and minions, so she can do damage from a safe distance. Her Q and E are great for harassing enemies from a distance or for picking off farm.

Miss Fortune’s ultimate does massive damage in teamfights. It is great paired up with a Malphite or Amumu ultimate. Miss Fortune’s ultimate alone, if positioned correctly, can destroy entire teams.

miss fortune rune

7. Soraka 


Soraka is a simple and easy support champion that can heal her entire team as well as do lots of CC (Crowd Control [stun/silence/slow]) to the enemy team.

Her W is a point-and-click ability that heals allies at the cost of her own health. She can heal and save her teammates and ensuring her team survives teamfights.

Soraka’s E silences everyone in a target area, and after a while it stuns them. This ability is great in teamfights because it immoblizes entire teams!

Her ultimate heals everyone on her team, which makes her a real saviour that is easy to play but still very effective.

soraka rune

8. Blitzcrank 


Blitzcrank is another support on this list. He can pick-off enemies one by one using his hook (Q) and pair it up with additional CC using his E and ultimate.

Targets caught by Blitzcrank’s hook usually die, lose half their HP, or use most of their abilities in order to escape.

Blitzcrank’s kit is very simple. His Q hooks target, W gives him movement speed, E allows his next autoattack to do double damage and knock-up target (E is usually paired with his Q), and his ultimate does damage to everyone around him and silences them.

Blitzcrank’s simple kit and CC makes him a good pick for beginners wanting to play as a support.

blitzcrank rune

9. Ahri 


Ahri is a Mid laner with good sustain, range, CC, and mobility. She can easily go in and out of fights with her ultimate, heal and poke with her Q, and CC targets with her E.

Ahri’s ability are simple and straight-forward while still being effective in every way. Each ability has a specific use, whether it is healing, CC, running away, engaging, etc… Ahri has it all, which makes her a great overall beginner pick.

ahri rune

10. Morgana


Morgana is an AP mage that can be played as a Mid laner or as a Support. She has one of the longest roots in the game (her Q), as well as one of the strongest shields.

Her E gives a shield that prevents ALL forms of CC. her W is great for wave clear, and her ultimate can slow and stun all enemies around you, which is great in teamfights.

morgana rune

Honorable mention: Teemo


Teemo, he is a very easy and simple champion that does a lot of damage and is easy to play. He is very fun to play, but might not be the strongest champion in teamfights. (Players might hate you if you pick Teemo)

teemo rune

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