Best Eternal Return Characters for Beginners

Eternal Return is a difficult game to learn for beginners. Since it combines elements from both MOBAs and battle royales, you’ll have to learn about a number of concepts, ranging from crafting, routing, dueling, mid-game transitions, and much more.

As such, you may want to learn the basics first by mastering one character first before trying out others. Let’s take a look at which characters in Eternal Return are the most beginner friendly. All of these characters are solid across solo, duo, or squad mode.

1. Jackie

BEAM AXE OKAYYYYYY - Axe Jackie Route :: Eternal Return: Black Survival - DAK.GG for ERBS

Starting off this list is Jackie, the bloodthirsty, chainsaw-wielding maniac. She has great single target dueling capabilities with her Q and R abilities. She beats basically anyone in a 1v1 match if they decide to stay and fight while she has her chainsaw out.

Her W and E abilities give her both great engage and disengage, which is one of the reasons Jackie is so great for beginners. As a new player, you often don’t know what characters’ abilities are or who wins certain matchups. If you see a fight isn’t going your way, you always have the option of running or jumping out to disengage.

2. Luke

트위치아스카] 여신상 루크 - Bat Luke Route :: Eternal Return: Black Survival - DAK.GG for ERBS

Luke is another character who’s easy to pick up and start placing fairly high right away. In fact, Luke is a great pubstomper at lower levels, as he can easily rack up early kills and snowball hard.

Many beginner players don’t know how to deal with Luke, often proclaiming he’s OP after dying to them time and time again. At higher levels, though, Luke barely sees any play and is a much lower tier character. If you can dodge his bottles and ultimate bullet, he becomes very weak.

To play Luke well, then, you just want to hit your Q to initiate. The R is a great finisher move, but sometimes isn’t even necessary. If you can get close enough to an enemy, pop your W to empower your attacks, you can usually just auto attack them to death.

Luke’s drawback is he is an all-in character, as he has no way to disengage from fights. So once you’ve committed to a fight, you’ll often have to duke it out till the end.

3. Magnus

Tank Magnus - Hammer Magnus Route :: Eternal Return: Black Survival - DAK.GG for ERBS

Magnus is a very forgiving character to play, as he’s one of the tankiest characters in the game and also has a great disengage with his R. Using his W spin makes him unstoppable, which can also serve as an escape.

Assuming you’re on equal mastery levels and have finished your build, you’ll often find enemies just leave you alone as a Magnus. That’s because fighting Magnus is usually a futile effort that takes too long, giving a third party a chance to come and clean up. So as a Magnus, you can often place high just by doing your own thing.

Magnus isn’t just a beefcake though, he can actually dish out quite a bit of damage especially if he can hit enemies into walls. Overall Magnus is just a solid character for beginners to start out with.

4. Hyunwoo

111111aaaaaz - Tonfa Hyunwoo Route :: Eternal Return: Black Survival - DAK.GG for ERBS

Hyunwoo might be the most popular character among new players to Eternal Return, and for good reason. He’s quite tanky and also has good base movement speed, making him hard to kill.

His W gives him bonus defense letting you get out of dicey spots without taking damage, and his passive trait Dogfight lets Hyunwoo restore HP whenever he attacks or is attacked.

Because he’s so hard to kill, like Magnus, Hyunwoo can often make it to late game just by surviving or “ratting”, where you play like a rat by running away from engagements. This allows new players to learn about more aspects of the game like crafting, building transition items, and final zone play.

5. Aya

OP BUILD - Pistol Aya Route :: Eternal Return: Black Survival - DAK.GG for ERBS

You might notice that Aya is the only ranged character to make this list of easy Eternal Return characters. That’s because many of the ranged characters have skillshots that are more difficult to land compared to melee characters. Ranged characters are also less forgiving to play, as if you’re caught out of position or get jumped by a melee character it can often be difficult to escape.

Aya makes this list because her abilities are all straightforward, you generally just want to hit enemies in a straight line while staying far away. Her builds generally all build fairly quickly, allowing you to get the upper hand in early engagements and hopefully snowball from there.

Also, if you do find yourself attacked, Aya’s passive envelopes you in a protective film to block any damage, giving you a free pass to dash out with her E ability.

Aya is particularly good for duos and squads when paired with a melee character who can go in and initiate/tank damage.


There you have it, five of the best Eternal Return characters for beginners to try. Ultimately everyone has their own preferences though, so you’ll just have to try each of them out yourself to know best.

If you’ve played League of Legends, DoTA, or some other MOBA before, you likely already have a main. In that case, go in game to the testing mode and try out all of the characters to see which one most closely resembles your main. You’ll likely have an easy time adapting.

Let us know in the comments below which characters you like best for beginners!

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