Eternal Return Tips & Tricks for Beginners – How to Get Better

1. Focus on improving at first, not winning 

Eternal Return has a very steep learning curve, even if you’re an experienced MOBA or battle royale player. You’re going to have to learn everything from character skills, routes, builds, crafting, dueling, mid-game transitions, timings, and late game strategies. In addition, the playerbase is still low given the game is still early access. As a result, you’re going to end up dying – a lot – at the start. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t go in every game with the mindset of winning. Just try to focus on one aspect of the game, like getting your build up ASAP, and master that first.

2. Try out every character in test mode

Knowing what every character’s abilities does goes a long way when you eventually encounter them in game. You’ll have a rough sense of how to avoid their skillshots and what that character is capable of. You don’t have to spend a lot of time playing them to start, just go in to test mode and play around with their skills.

3. Find a character to main 

After playing around with the characters in test mode, choose one to main and stick to that character. You’ll learn a lot of tricks with speedrunning routes and builds, as well as nuances in how to win matchups against opponents. If you spread yourself too thin by playing too many characters at once, it’s going to be difficult to be particularly good on any of them.

4. Finish your build ASAP

Finishing your build quickly is one of the most important aspects of the game. If you can finish your weapon first, even better. It’ll let you get early kills against enemies that are still stuck on weak equipment, allowing you to snowball from there. Ideally your entire build should be finished in 3-4 zones. The more times you play a route the more comfortable you’ll get with it. You’ll know what foods you can craft along the way and what items you can skip to get later in a different section.

5. Gold and purple items aren’t always better

Don’t fall into the trap of finding builds that contain gold items or equipping just any gold/purple item you loot in game. The rarer an item does not always mean the better it is for your character! It’s often better to finish your build that has a couple blue items in it faster, than it is to finish one with purple and gold items. Make sure your items all work together to optimize for your character’s stats. Gold items should be prioritized in mid to late game as transition items.

6. Watch top Twitch streamers play your character

Check out this ERBS streamer list for a list of top players who main your character. You can learn a lot by watching how they play. There are even character specific Discords you can join to discuss strategies with others.

7. Understand the Mastery system 

The Mastery system is a key part of Eternal Return. Understanding how it works will help you prioritize your time in game better.

8. Always be doing something in game 

Once you understand how Mastery works, you should always be doing something in game to level up your masteries, whether it be opening boxes, crafting, or fighting mobs. Everything you do contributes to give you extra attack damage, defense, HP, movement speed, vision, and more. Minimize idle time spent wandering around aimlessly as much as possible. If you want to win your games, you ideally want to have the highest weapon mastery at late game, which means you have to be farming mobs, crafting weapons, and killing other players as much as possible.

9. Cameras and consoles are your friend 

If you’ve played League of Legends or other MOBAs before, you’ll understand that vision is everything. In Eternal Return, you can secure consoles at every location or craft cameras to place as wards wherever you go. Cameras are more important the later the game goes on, but don’t be stingy with them if you ever feel unsafe. It’s better to use up all your cameras than risk dying by face checking a bush at night.

10. Don’t fight unless you’re at an advantage

A lot of new players struggle with this concept, rushing headfirst into combat whenever they see another player. The top players tend not to take an engagement unless they’re confident they can come out on top. Remember, every time you fight someone is a chance for a third party to come in and kill both of you while you’re at low health. One tip is to always press ‘Tab’ to check nearby players’ items and Masteries – if they’re much lower than yours only then should you try to engage.


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