The Best Games Like Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is one of the most fun games out there right now. For those who haven’t tried it yet (you really should), Slay the Spire is a single player rogue-like card game where you defeat monsters and build your deck up.

Every victory over a monster will present you with an option of three cards to choose from, and it’s up to you to decide which card to choose to help give you the best shot of advancing further and eventually defeating the Boss.

You also have the opportunity to pick and choose exactly which path to take and which rooms to enter along your journey. You’ll enter rooms with random events and Elites that drop relics which have a variety of different powers.

It’s a ton of fun for anyone who loves strategy based card games. As soon as I beat Slay the Spire with all three characters on Ascension 20, I immediately began looking for other similar games to fill the void that StS had just left.

slay the spire

So after a ton of research trying out new games on PC, mobile, and tabletop, here are the best games like Slay the Spire.

PC Games Similar to Slay the Spire 

Darkest Dungeon

darkest dungeon is a game similar to slay the spire

Darkest Dungeon isn’t a card game or deck building game, but rather a turn-based RPG that requires tactics, micromanagement, and risk management. Fans of the strategical nature of StS will enjoy getting to learn all the nuances of this game, and will also be well equipped to deal with losing, which will happen a lot as you learn the game.

The premise of Darkest Dungeon involves you taking a group of heroes from your town into a dungeon to explore it room by room. You want to take back treasures you find to improve your town while preventing your Heroes from dying, as deaths are permanent.

The game’s strategy revolves around evaluating risks, knowing when to cut losses versus push your luck, and managing your team correctly. The artwork is polished, narration is incredible, and soundtrack is thrilling. A great pickup all around.

SteamWorld Quest

steamworld quest is a game similar to slay the spire

Think of SteamWorld Quest like an RPG version of Slay the Spire but with three members in your party and with way more robots. You can go back and fight monsters you’ve defeated to grind more coins, exp and items, can craft cards, etc.

In terms of the card gameplay, each of your three party members starts off with a deck of 8 cards. During combat, these are all shuffled into the same deck and you draw 6 cards while playing 3 every turn. A unique aspect to the game is that cards accumulate or use up Steam, which allows you to play more powerful cards.

SteamWorld Quest will immerse you in a medieval storyline with gorgeous artwork, great background music, and a well-written plot. As you advance in the story, your party members will accumulate more experience and level up their abilities. You’ll find loot and purchase equipment along the way. If you like the combination of RPG storytelling and strategic deck building, definitely give this game a shot.

Card Quest

card quest is a game similar to slay the spire

Card Quest is different from Slay the Spire as it’s not focused on deckbuilding but rather extremely tactical use of your character’s default deck. You can’t add individual cards to your deck – instead, you acquire equipment which come with sets of cards that are then shuffled into your overall deck.

There are four different classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: Rogue, Wizard, Fighter, and Hunter. Each then has custom subclasses, meaning you can specialize your Rogue into an Adventurer, Hitman, or demonling; Fighter into Dwarven Warrior or Holy Warrior; Wizard into Storm Master, Lich, or Enchantress; and Hunter into Arbalist, Changeling, or Amazon.

This provides a ton of replay value to the game. The game itself is quite difficult, so it’ll really put your strategic thinking to the test. Don’t be turned off the outdated graphics – Card Quest is a great game for enthusiasts of card games, puzzles, and roguelike dungeon crawlers.

Dream Quest

dream quest is a game similar to slay the spire

You can’t have a list of similar games to Slay the Spire without mentioning Dream Quest somewhere. This is the OG of roguelike deck building games and is what essentially inspired the genre today.

A lot of people love this game and some even consider it better than Slay the Spire, but I’m not convinced. While the artwork is atrocious, I can get over it. It’s the gameplay itself that leaves a lot to be desired.

Unlike in Slay the Spire, you don’t have a limit on the number of cards you can play per turn. You also can’t see what your opponent will do. So what ends up happening is you just play all the cards in your hand every turn and hope you luck out.

Some monsters and bosses are complete pushovers, while others are seemingly invincible (cough, The Hag). You’ll have to grind a lot to unlock other classes and cards, which isn’t always the most fun thing to do.

There’s also a fair amount of RNG involved that can render all the decisions you made prior useless. Some runs you’re destined to fail, and even if you play perfectly won’t be able to do anything just based on the monsters you encounter.

Monster Slayers

If you’ve already played StS I’m not sure Monster Slayers adds a whole lot of other dimension. The combat in Slay the Spire requires more thought, as you have to react to the enemy’s action, allocate energy, consider next steps, etc. Turns in Monster Slayers kind of play themselves.

Card Crusade (iOS, Android)

A very classic take on dungeon crawls mixed with some deckbuilding that works as a decent timekiller on mobile. Comparable to Meteorfall: Journey.

Hearthstone: Dungeon Run 

The single player mode of Hearthstone where you choose a class and use a given deck to beat bosses. Great option for fans of the Hearthstone universe. Be warned, though, beating Dungeon Run is difficult!

The Last Hex

Another take on a deckbuilding RPG. However, the game forces you to grind enemies for cards as they drop loot that is either useless or meant for another class.

Pirate Outlaws

Generally got the feeling this was another Slay the Spire clone. Plus there’s a grind system where you have to unlock the full game unless you pay about $20.

Spellsword Cards: Origin

A lesser version of Meteorfall, without the same visual effects, interesting characters, or streamlined playability.

Mobile Games Similar to Slay the Spire 

Night of the Full Moon (iOS, Android)

night of the full moon

Night of the Full Moon is a great deck building game you can play on the go. The creators worked with Dream Quest creator Peter Whalen to recreate the game and they did a good job. The game’s artwork looks amazing and every character interaction is accompanied with a voice line.

While there are some translation issues, it doesn’t detract from the game too much. The biggest draw is the tactical card-based combat that we all love. While there isn’t direct card selection to build your deck, you are able to find new cards and upgrade them along the way.

Overall a very solid choice to scratch that itch on mobile for just $0.99 on iOS or Android.

Meteorfall: Journey (iOS, Android)


Another great little mobile game for deckbuilding is Meteorfall: Journey. You play as one of four classes, face a dozen different enemies and seven unique bosses, and face new adventures every time thanks to the game’s algorithm.

The game allows you plenty of options to customize your deck the way you want to build your character. You can play as a fire or ice mage, an acrobatic thief or sneaky poisoner, and so on.

Instead of drawing a handful of cards and playing several of them per turn, you draw one card at a time and either pass or play it. The game’s UI is set up in a way that lets you play one-handed, perfect if you’re on a subway commute or waiting in line.

Board Games Similar to Slay the Spire 



Gloomhaven has been consistently voted as one of the best board games. Fans of strategy, tactics, and logic games with dungeoncrawler mechanics will want to keep coming back for more.

The game is a 1-4 player cooperative campaign where players set out across 95 different dungeons to slay monsters and progress the story. Everything you do in game is determined by the cards you’re dealt as a certain character. In practice, this means Gloomhaven is a puzzle game where you try to best manage your hand at every turn.

Slay the Spire fans will revel in figuring out the optimal combination of cards that will allow you to achieve your tasks while not discarding or losing important cards. There’s little variance in this game – only two cards require you to reshuffle your combat deck – so this game suits those who love to take their time with decisions and think.



Clank! may not be as complex as Gloomhaven, but can what it lacks in depth it makes up for in laughs and exciting moments with friends.

Your goal in Clank is to make your way through a dungeon where dragons lie in wait, collecting artifacts and treasures to escape with before you’re killed. The deeper you go, the more valuable the artifacts you find are and the more dangerous it is. All the while you’re building up your deck with cards to help you defeat monsters or escape.

If you like push your luck type of games mixed with deck building in a fantasy setting, give Clank a try. Suitable for 2-4 players.

Aeon’s End

aeon's end

Aeon’s End is another cooperative deck building game. It requires a lot of teamwork and there are a myriad of strategies each player can take.

The game’s core mechanic involves a static deck that is never shuffled, meaning you can strategize when you purchase, play, and discard cards to keep their order. There are eight different characters and four nemeses in the base game alone, providing a lot of replay value.


That wraps up our list of video games, mobile games, and board games similar to Slay the Spire. If you’re a fan of roguelikes and deckbuilding, give some of the games above a try. Let us know if you have suggestions of your own in the comments below.

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