Top 10 Highest Skill Cap Champions in League of Legends

Are you still playing easy LoL Champions? Do you want to start learning some harder champions to dominate games more?

If you think you have the right keyboard and skills to master one of these champions, we’re listing the top 10 highest skill cap champions here. Which one will you try to master?

10. Riven

Riven is a mechanically intensive champion with an incredibly high skill cap. You need to know her combos, abilities, Autoattack cancelling, animation cancelling, and many other tricks in order to master her.

Riven’s animation cancelling is incredibly hard to do while balancing your kit at the same time. You can Autoattack cancel with every Q, and use tiamat to do even more combos, all of which adds to the degree of difficulty.

Since Riven doesn’t scale very well late game, you have to know how to bully your lane opponent and gain a gold advantage in order to fully carry with Riven.

9. Azir

Azir has possibly the highest skill cap in the entire game along with being one of the most mechanically intense champions. His playstyle is completely different than other champions, as you have to maneuver with his soldiers and know a few combos.

You need to not only master positioning for yourself, but for your soldiers as well. You need to know when to jump in, when to commit, and when to jump out. Azir can in be played in so many ways and has so many techniques that he can carry an entire team by himself if played well, but it’s extremely hard to do so.

You need precise movement, timing, positioning, and knowledge of the champion in order to master Azir. Even then, you’ll need a lot of practice and experience.

8. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a play-making machine. With so many combos to pull off, it’s very hard to master his combos and on-the-spot decision making.

Since Lee Sin basically has 7 abilities, it’s extremely difficult to master all the combos with him. Lee Sin also doesn’t scale into the late game, so you have to be an early game bully in the jungle, making sure you’re getting enough gold and kills to carry on to the late game.

Lee Sin’s more popular combo is the Insec combo, which involves using your Q onto an enemy, jumping onto them, ward jumping behind them (or flashing), then ulting them to your team or tower. This is just one of the many combos Lee Sin has at his disposal. A good Lee Sin player will need to know how each combo works and when to use them effectively.

7. Zed

Zed has the most outplay potential out of all the champions in this list. His shadows allow for so many combos, repositions, and movements that it requires a lot of skill to master them.

While it’s true anyone can play and use his shadows, not everyone can fully use them to their full potential. A good Zed player would be able to duel any opponent and win, no matter who he’s up against.

To master Zed, you need to not only know how your own champ works, but also how every enemy champion works in order to predict their next move and abilities.

6. Yasuo

Yasuo has a very high skill ceiling due to his intensive mechanics. The more you try to improve, the more areas you’ll see you need to work on.

Yasuo is commonly associated with new players since he’s frequently played in low-elo. However, the playstyle of a good Yasuo player is completely different from that of a low elo player. So while his kit is not hard to play, it is one of the hardest to master.

5. Thresh

Thresh has an incredibly high skill cap. If played absolutely perfectly, Thresh can easily destroy teams while providing tons of CC. He can interrupt mid-dash using his flay while hooking champions without miss using his Q.

Thresh has so much potential, but is very hard to fully master. His flays need perfect timing, hook needs precise predictions, and W needs great positioning.

4. Gangplank

Gangplank’s skill cap is off the charts. There’s always room for improvement, no matter how much you’ve mastered him. He can accomplish so much using his barrels, his oranges need precise timing, his ultimate needs to be perfectly placed, and his ultimate item needs to be carefully considered after assessing the enemy team.

Gangplank has a ton of potential if you know how to play him. His barrels can be positioned in any way possible, his play style is unique and requires knowledge of the champion, his damage, and range.

3. Draven

Draven is another champion that requires excellent positioning. You simply cannot master him unless you have great positioning, which is why he’s so hard to play well.

Draven’s kit focuses on his Autoattacks. You need to learn when to activate your Axe, when to let it drop rather than catch it, when to activate your second axe. A good Draven player can juggle 3 axes together while in a team fight, dealing massive damage to the enemy team.

Part of what makes Draven so difficult to play is his limited movement during combat, as he has to catch his axe in order to deal damage. However, the enemy also sees where the axe is, so they can predict where you’ll be and maneuver accordingly. On the flip side, since Draven can force his axe to drop anywhere he wants, a good player will be able to drop the axe at the exact spot he wants to in order to kite and defeat opponents.

2. Kalista 

Kalista is a very mechanically advanced ADC champion that requires tons of positioning and mobility experience.

Many players struggle with Kalista since her autoattacks cannot be cancelled. She also jumps in between between autoattacks, which is either terrible for an inexperienced Kalista player, or one of the best movement passives in the game if you know what you’re doing.

Kalista players also need to know when to use her E, which targets to focus and stack her spears on, and when enough spears are enough to finish off a champion. All of this means you need a lot of practice and experience in order to master Kalista.

1. Aurelion Sol

At number one on the list of hardest League of Legends champions is Aurelion Sol. Sol requires lots of maneuvering, kiting, and positioning. You need to have the enemy at exactly the right place in order to fully utilize your W, which is vital for the champion.

If an enemy gets too close to you, you can no longer apply damage with your W. Skilled players know how to avoid these situations in the first place by properly positioning themselves away from enemies at all times.

One of Aurelion Sol’s main goals is to roam the map by utilizing his E ability that lets him travel through walls. Knowing when and how to effectively roam is an entire skill by itself and takes a lot of time to master. Players who don’t use this ability well effectively hinder the champion’s effectiveness.

Mastering Aurelion Sol is a hard task, but when done correctly, Aurelion Sol can destroy an entire enemy team… he is a celestial dragon after all.

Honorable Mentions:

Rumble requires knowledge of the champion and knowing when to overheat and use your abilities. His overheating mechanic makes the champion difficult to play but also gives him a huge advantage if used correctly.

Anivia has possibly the worst farming in the entire game, which makes her a hard champion to farm with. It is also very hard to use her wall and position her ultimate correctly, which makes her require a lot of skill but is very rewarding once done correctly.

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  1. Aphelios is a high skill cap champion honestly. His damage is not that great if the weapon combos are not used correctly and he has the health bar of a melee minion.

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