10 of the Hardest Overwatch Heroes to Master

Overwatch took over the collective imagination of gamers when it launched in 2016. A team based shooter reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, Overwatch’s mechanics are a healthy mix of skill and strategy. The game is also highly accessible and fun to play for everyone from newbs to veterans. There is a character in the game for every playstyle and skill level. 

But what if you have played the game for a long time already and are looking for a real challenge? Even if you have your favorite character you should go out of your comfort zone once in a while to experience fully what the game has to offer. We’ll be going over the hardest Overwatch heroes to play and master – let’s get started! 

10. McCree

mccree overwatch

The Peacekeeper toting gunslinger is on the top of many hardest hero lists because of the raw aiming skill required to play him well. The weapon has a hard non linear dropoff in damage which means farther away the target, the exponentially less effective your weapons. In the hands of someone with good aim McCree can be deadly but most gamers, especially console players will find him difficult to wield.

9. Hanzo

hanzo overwatch

This is a controversial one. A bad player can spam arrows really fast getting random kills which makes them feel like they are making progress with the character. In fact an experienced player will tell you that you have to account for the arrow dropoff to truly master his play style. Hanzo is best played in the mid range for skirmishes. Playing Hanzo as a sniper is where most get it wrong.

8. Ana

ana overwatch

Some people might tell you that Ana is the easiest healer to play but don’t be fooled. You need a good aim with projectiles to make use of her Biotic grenades. A poorly coordinated team will have a tough time using Ana to her full potential. To top it up, she is unable to deal critical shots and has low mobility making her tricky to play as anything but a healer. Her sniper rifle needs someone who has precise aim and can use the sniper spots in the map to play effectively.

7. Tracer

tracer overwatch

A lot of players will be surprised that Tracer is not higher on this list. A fan favorite, she is able to “blink” through time which severely punishes the smallest mistakes. Her high mobility is a gift for players with fast reflexes but it can leave the less experienced players feeling overwhelmed and lost. One has to have a rock solid strategy in mind while playing this close range skirmisher

6. Widowmaker

widowmaker overwatch

The true sniper in the game, anybody without fast reflexes and pin-point accuracy can forget playing WidowMaker. She is very weak in close ranged combat. You have to pick the best spots in the game to play her well, though the grappling hook can help with this. She can one shot kill almost any hero in the game but you will have to practice a lot to get to that skill level.

5. Doomfist

doomfist overwatch

Many consider doomfist the hardest to play at high levels. He is said to have the highest skill floor (minimum competency required to be effective). He can be used effectively to disorient a large group of players. The hardest part about playing Doomfist is the movement and utilization of the map. So you need to get a feel for the map and put in some time before you are using him to his full potential.

4. Zarya

zarya overwatch

This one must surprise you, since Zarya is supposed to be one of the easier heroes to play. While that’s true, she’s also hard to master. So even if she has a deceptively low floor she has a high skill ceiling. You are not only trying to deal damage but also protect your team from enemy ults. You also need to keep track of your energy meter which means conserving your attacks and hitting only when it makes the most sense. You are not going to rack up kills playing as her if you are just starting.

3. Zenyatta

zenyatta overwatch

You can be fooled into thinking Zenyatta is easy to play because he has a low floor because his main abilities are easy to control and have a high damage and healing output. It gets difficult to play him when you have to control the orbs that he is shooting. You need to not only account for the player’s current position but also where they are going to move in the next moments to truly be effective. This requires understanding player movements and being able to predict behaviour – a very complicated thing indeed!

2. Sombra

zenyatta overwatch

A hero with no regeneration and a dependence on health packs is going to be very hard to play as, without having a solid idea of the map layout. Your weapon has a high fire rate but low damage. So unless you have good accuracy to get headshots you can’t expect to win any duels you end up in. Her hacking ability is also hard to use and you won’t be getting the highest value hacks anytime soon.

1. Genji

genji overwatch

Taking the top spot on this list is everyone’s favorite ninja: Genji. His high mobility is both a blessing because you will rarely take any hits and a curse as you have to master moving and shooting at the same time to be truly effective as a Genji main. Your shurikens are a plus but how are you going to hit your targets when you are buzzing around the map like a fly? Genji can entire carry games by himself in the right hands, but to get to that point requires enormous skill and experience. 


That wraps up our list of ten most difficult Overwatch heroes to play and master. Which ones do you agree with? Which ones do you vehemently disagree with? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think one of the hardest characters to play is Ash, I just can’t seem to get her ultimate down and I cannot kill anyone whatsoever, and when I try to play her I just die. Her aim includes a lot of skill because you have to have perfect sensitivity and you also have to do some of the best flicks because if you don’t you will never hit heroes like Lucio, and Tracer. Will I get any value out of this dynamite, these are the types of questions you have to ask yourself as Ash, you also have to know when to coach gun and if you should use it to throw this person off a cliff or if you should use it to get out of the enemy team or if you should use it to get into the enemy backlines, there is just so much to think about. Not to mention you have to think carefully about where and when to place B.O.B.


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