The 14 Best Hearthstone Tips for Beginners

New to Hearthstone? Need some tips to help you get started? We’ll be listing the 14 tips to help you improve your Hearthstone skills and climb the ladder.

1: Focus on board control. 

Focusing on minions rather than your opponent’s HP is the best way to beat your opponent. Rather than attacking him and trying to bring his HP down, try attacking and trading with his minions so you can have board control.

Try and make beneficial trades in order to gain an advantage over your opponent. Make sure to try and get rid of his minions every turn before he can make them stronger.

It might be tempting to fireball your opponent in the face and deal 6 damage to him, but it is much more beneficial for you to fireball a 4/5 Yeti he just played and kill it in order to gain Board Control.

There are only a few decks that are specialized in attacking your opponent directly and ignoring their minions, and your deck is likely not one of them.

2: Trade effectively.

For example, if the enemy has a 6/3 minion and you have a 3/2 minion, rather than attacking his face with your 3/2, you should trade with the 6/3 in order to gain board control. The 6/3 poses a much greater threat than your 3/2, so eliminating him is crucial.

Don’t be afraid to use spells to trade, for example, you can buff a 1/1 minion giving it +1/+1 in order for it to kill his 4/2 taunt minion, which is a very good and efficient trade.

3: Play Arena games as much as you can.

Never use your gold to buy packs, always invest in that 150 gold to get into the arena.

In the arena, everyone is on a fair playing ground, you can make your own deck there with randomized cards, including cards that you don’t have!

You can use an arena helper to help you create an arena deck which is great if you’re not sure which cards to pick.

The arena will guarantee at least one pack, even if you don’t win a single match. However, if you do win all 12 matches, you will get a grand prize that will give you lots of gold, packs, and dust.

4: Complete quests.

This includes daily quests and unique hidden quests! For example, winning 100 games in any mode will give you 300 gold. Getting a class to level 10 for the first time will give you a card pack!

These quests help you get enough gold to go into the arena more often and thus unlock more cards to add to your collection.

5: Try budget meta decks.

If you have some dust lying around, you can search for a budget meta deck that is cheap to create but very strong.

These decks will allow you to climb the ladder easily and will help you achieve high ranks.

6: Watch professional YouTubers and Twitch streamers

Watching players better than you is a great way to learn Hearthstone. See how they trade, how they play, what kind of strategies they use. If you can watch them play a deck you’re familiar with, all the better.

7: Use your mana efficiently.

Try to use as much mana as possible during your turn since your mana refills automatically every turn. Try not to leave full mana crystals behind during your turns since mana consumption is important for winning the game.

8: Have a good mana curve in your deck.

You shouldn’t just stack your deck with 1 and 2 mana minions only, or with 5-6 mana minions only, your deck will be weak that way. Try making a mana curve in your deck, for example, you should have a couple of 1 mana cards, a good handful of 2 mana cards, some 3 mana cards, 4 mana, etc…

A good deck will have a nice mana curve that will allow you to play a card in each turn while efficiently using your mana. So you can play a 4 mana card at turn 4, 2 mana at turn 2, etc.

9: Don’t be afraid to craft cards.

You know that saying you have to spend money to make money? That applies to Hearthstone as well. You have to be willing to spend Arcane Dust to craft legendary cards.

That said, y ou should have a deck in mind before crafting cards, so make sure you do your research on the meta first.

10: Take notice of the card rotations if you’re climbing the ladder.

The standard cards change every year, usually in April, and you’ll probably have to remove some of the cards in your deck in order to be able to keep playing standard.

11: Do a co-op arena run.

If you have a friend or someone that can help you, try and do a co-op arena run. Two minds are always better than one. You can use share-screen in order for your friend to see what you’re doing. You can create your arena deck together and trade efficiently together. Having a second opinion is always, always better. Your friend might point-out a very efficient trade you would’ve missed, or he might point out that you have lethal when you would’ve missed it.

If you don’t have a friend, don’t be afraid to find a discord server, perhaps the official Hearthstone Discord in order to find someone that will do an arena run with you. Using this tactic, it’s very easy to get at least 6 wins in an arena run. And trust me, this will help you win more arena matches in total.

12: Experiment with different decks and classes.

You never know when you might find your favorite class. Try out different decks and see how you fare. If you’re not sure how to make a deck for a certain class, then don’t worry, there are plenty of decks you can use online.

13: Play some solo game modes and unlock cards.

There are always a few solo runs that are free and will allow you to unlock a few cards that might be very helpful for your deck. And the solo modes are sometimes a fun thing to do, they each have a unique challenge for you to do.

14: Build your own deck and have fun!

You don’t have to always use meta decks to be good at the game, try making your own deck and see what kind of combos you can do. Making your own deck will make sure that you know the in and outs of your deck, what you can do, accomplish, and what you can draw, which is very helpful and might not happen if you just use a meta deck.

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