5 Highest Skill Cap Valorant Agents – Who’s Hardest to Play?

Who’s the hardest Valorant agent to master? We’ll be going over the five highest skill cap agents in this article and explain why we think so.

1. Sova

Sova may not be the most mechanically difficult character to play, but he still makes this list of high skill cap agents. Mastering Sova is kind of like studying for a test that requires a lot of rote memorization. If you want to excel with Sova, you’re going to have to learn lineups – a lot of lineups – for every ability.

Shock bolt, recon bolt, and the ultimate Hunter’s Fury all shine when you can land them from anywhere on the map. This allows Sova to be anywhere on the map to help his team, while staying hidden. Sova is excellent at stopping or delaying defuses, as it forces enemies to waste valuable time looking for him.

Learning all the different linups can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to remember where to shoot from, you also have to know how much to charge your shot. Then you have to memorize different spots on different maps.

That said, skilled Sovas are one of the best characters you can have on your team. He’s basically a legal wall hack after all. If you’re eager to provide your team valuable intel, safely clear corners, and land some satisfying shock darts from across the map, Sova’s the right agent for you.

2. Viper

Viper started out as perhaps the weakest agent in Valorant and remained there for a long time, but has recently been seeing more and more play due to all the buffs she’s received. As such, she went from being an agent largely ignored to one that even pros are picking up. That said, Viper’s quite difficult to master as she requires high game IQ and memorization of lineups.

Like Sova, she has a multitude of lineups for her abilities, where she can launch her Snake Bite poison from afar to nab easy kills while remaining completely hidden.

Viper also requires strong in-game sense and “high IQ” plays, to turn her poison clouds / toxic screens on and off at the opportune moments. Her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, also allows you to outplay enemy teams often by yourself

In the right hands, Viper has become quite oppressive to play against. There’s often nothing you can do against a good Viper who knows what they’re doing. So if you’re looking for an agent that can win rounds on her own, learn Viper.

3. Astra

Astra is another agent suited for bigbrained players who love outplaying opponents. Her abilities require good map awareness to be used to their full potential, as well as strong comms from the rest of the team. As a result, Astra can be difficult to play as a solo player and only really shines in coordinated teams.

Since her Astral Stars can be placed before the round starts, you can put them in the common spots to be ready for any outcome. You’ll then have to decide whether to detonate a Star, concussing enemies, transforming it to a Nebula (smoke), or re-place Stars altogether.

What makes a good Astra player great is communication. Astras can command the battlefield and make great shotcallers. If you’re looking to master an Agent that requires tactics and rewards coordination, give Astra a try.

4. Jett

As the most mobile agent in Valorant, Jett is extremely hard to master as she requires excellent mechanical movement skill along with precise aim. Her ultimate ability is essentially useless if you have poor aim. But for those with good accuracy, Jett can solo entire enemy teams. There’s a reason why you see so many clips featuring the game’s Korean assassin!

Jett is the solo carry player’s dream. With the exception of her smoke cloud, all of her abilities are only there to benefit Jett and not the team. A poorly played Jett offers basically no utility to the team. Her value comes from entry fragging, distracting enemies, and most of all securing kills.

Along with needing mechanical skill and precise aim to headshot enemies with her knives, you need a good understanding when to engage and how to do so. Sometimes it’s correct to updraft and dash in guns blazing, while other times you may need to play more passive and bait out enemy skills first. Beginner Jett players often dash in only to find three guns already pointing directly at them.

By now it should be clear why Jett has such a high skill ceiling!

5. Raze

This choice might surprise you at first, because we also mentioned Raze in our article for the best Valorant agents for beginners. And yet she’s also in this article for the highest skill cap agents. How can she both?

The answer is that while Raze can indeed be effective with a straightforward, grounded playstyle, her true power shines when you master her satchel double jumps. Doing so will literally propel Raze into the air as a mobility monster, getting to basically any location on the map.

Pair satchel jump with her ultimate and you can even triple jump! You can also take out the rocket at the same time you detonate a satchel to immediately launch yourself into the air and blast someone from afar. This is how the devs intended Raze’s ult to work, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy.

Learning how to execute the double satchel jump takes a lot of practice, in terms of the timings to optimize for speed or verticality. You also have to learn the common map locations for where you start and end the jump in order to get to where you want.

In addition, knowing when to do the double jump is just as important as how. Many Raze players just learning the satchel jumps are actually food for the enemy team, as they often end up boosting themselves high in the air for enemies to shoot down immediately.

Great Raze players also have to spend some time learning nade lineups on every map. Since Raze requires good in-game knowledge and execution ability, she tops our list as the highest skill cap Valorant agent.

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