Is Star Citizen Worth Getting Into in 2020? A Look at the State of the Game

The ever controversial question and sources of hesitancy in people’s mind. Is Star Citizen worth getting into? Is it a hoax or is it actually developing? Is it playable? We’ll try to answer these questions for you.

First of all, let’s recap the history of Star Citizen. Chris Roberts started the Kickstarter for it at 2012, with a vastly undersized company that we could only call it a company due to formality at that time. The original Kickstarter was extremely different from what we know and have today.

The Kickstarter game was stated to be more of a single player experience, not much focus on planets, zoned, Freelancer-esque landings and “roaming” the planets/moons. Focus was on shooting and story and graphics were not the quality we see nowadays.

However backers requested more features, over time, the project shaped to what we know today. It was no longer possible to finish in the stated time of 2014 of course.

Due to immense amounts of, some could say, “scopecreep” the development lengthened and to this day, still continues.

A lot of the frustration people have stems from this slow development time. Some backers have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars, getting caught up in the hype around the game’s potential, only to be told over and over again that the game is still not finished.

Which is all a fair point. And the lengthier the development time, the bigger the expectations are for the game. Star Citizen will likely never be able to meet some of these expectations at this point.

Despite this, though, the game is still playable today. It isn’t perfect, and there is still plenty of content to be developed, but many people are already current playing and enjoying the game.

Right now, you can complete missions (combat, delivery), earn money by mining and trading, exploring all the Moons, Cities, Stations, and Caves, and interact with other players. That’s enough to keep you occupied for weeks or months alone, depending on how much time you have to play.

Don’t be put off by the $27,000 ship packages or people claiming the game is solely pay to win. You actually don’t need anything other than your good ‘ol Aurora or Mustang package to get started.

All in all, if you’re a big fan of the genre and look at it as a way to help fund the advancement of the game whilst getting early access, Star Citizen may be for you. If you’re looking to buy a polished game outright at this time, maybe it’s worth waiting for now.

Remember, you do have 30 days to try Star Citizen out for free. So if you’re curious you might as well give it a shot, and request a refund if you find out you’re not satisfied.

9 thoughts on “Is Star Citizen Worth Getting Into in 2020? A Look at the State of the Game”

  1. It’s worth getting into, only if you understand that you are essentially a game tester. Progress wipes between major content udpates do occur. This is off-putting, for virtually everyone. That means people that have thousands, or millions in credits lose it, along with any earned gear in-game. You obviously keep your ships, or anything else purchased with real money. But any modifications to them are lost. When the new update comes out you are starting all over again.

    That said, Star Citizen can always use more backers and it’s nice to whet your appetite and see what the game will feel like. I’ll admit…I love what I see, but the ultimate problem is indeed having whet my apetite so early on (since 2015). Couldy ou beleive? I thought the game was maybe 2-3 years out, at best, since talks and the Kickstarter all started in 2012.

    After awhile it gets hopeless. So it’s best to sign in, try a few thing, take a few missions, land on a few planets, get the sense of station layouts and things to do, and witness the placeholders for future content, like vending machines, other/ new shops currently manned but not interactive, yet etc. Call it a day, after that. Go back to playing other games, knowing you have at least your pledge ship and a few credits you’ll start with, whenthe game finally releases.

    I do recommend really keeping an eye out for Squadron 42, above Star Citizen, as that is meant to break you into the universe and gameplay, while filling you in on what’s going on around you, in the PTU. It will explain what these Vanduul ships are, and you’ll start out with more starting credits, for having completed the story (episodes). Squadron 42 releases way before Star Citizen will, and it is said that unlocking S42 achievements will unlock purchasable, exclusive S42 ships for you. You’ll still have to save millions for them, but they’ll be opened for purchase. Many people don’t know this. Or don’t know exactly what Squadron is. These are the same people that buy Halo, or COD and pop right into multiplayer and couldn’t give two sh**ts about the story, I guess. This is why I preferred when multiplayer franchises had in-story unlockables. These people would be like, “hey! Where’d you get that gun?” “From story mode.” “Sh**! I need to play that like now, that’s sweet!” And that’s what Squadron 42 will do. Those of us who bothered to play it will be cruising in an F8 Lightning, and probably a Vanduul Stinger and all the naysayers will finally give the story a shot.

  2. I am one of those people that got into Star Citizens 2013 kickstarter with the purchase of their Collectors Edition with the F7C-M Super Hornet. I have spent over $1000.00 in extras including 4 Full Color Game Universe Maps (not in game but actual maps), they put my maps in what they call buy back pledges and because I do not have the time to check into my account constantly they removed them from my purchases (they ripped me off) their excuse, my address had changed – I purchased my home in 2004 and I still live here. The purchases come from CHINA ! “NOT THE UNITED STATES” with a funding amount of $302,540,512.00 to date should they not be made here in the U.S.A. ? I have been a collector of Big Box PC Games and anything related to them for right at 30 years and when I receive my purchases do they come inside a shipping box – NO, they cover the collectible box with shipping labels that can not be removed with out damaging the box and that box comes damaged and worthless. Have you ever heard the phrase – the box is sometimes worth more than the contents ? when it comes to collecting the answer is HELL YES !

  3. Just bought it without researching. I kinda knew i was buying another day-z aka forever alpha. I only bought because that’s what my current group of friends are playing. I fear this will be played for a month like so many other games the group gets into like Sea of Thieves, Space Engineers, wreckfest, rust, raft, planetside 2, etc.. The only game in our lineup that is constantly developing and polishing is War Thunder. Now I’ll have to check out squadron 42 I’m sure. Do I already have to buy another game?!

  4. Admittedly, I got into the crowdfunding early on because of the promise of the single-player experience. And I also poured a couple of thousand dollars into it during the hype phase. But, I disagree that what they have eight years later constitutes a game in any reasonable sense. Sure, you can wander around, do some flying, and even some combat, but at best it’s a sandbox right now. I eventually asked for a refund because I became quite concerned that they would never deliver anything, let alone the original vision of single-player. They eventually refunded half of my contribution and I am satisfied with that, especially because crowdfunding is always a risk. Honestly, though, I think SC is going to go out in a whisper after “launch” simply because RSI/CIG has run themselves over with their own hype train.

  5. I have been a backer since 2013 and I just now downloaded the game. I have tried several ships and omg what a hot mess in my opinion. I am not talking about the bugs and such that was to be expected. I am talking about the user interface and the options of learning the game (even in alpha).
    I do not see this game being launched with over 100 star systems and everything that goes into them. It would be a game like “Spider-Man” but you were able to go to every major city in the world. Then you get to visit them in all their glory but now on a more complicated scale.
    If you can master the controls and UI, I think it would and will be an awesome game; however out of 7.4 billion people on planet Earth, not many are going to play and try to master a game that is more like “WORK” than fun.
    I wish RSI/CIG luck and hope this game is truly launched but I am afraid the year 2025 will be here first and better games will be out and about.

  6. I have logged into this game once a year for the past 4 years and i can tell you now it isn’t promising. The game is full of bugs that quite frankly ruin any kind of experience you get from it. The consitancy of running into a bug that just says ‘NO, YOU CAN’T ENJOY THIS!’ is so frequent and has persisted for such a long time proves that the game is being built on an engine that is not stable enough to hose the features and content they want to add to the game.

    Now at present the features available are a little dull, but this is a sim type game so that can be overlooked. However, not one single feature works in a way that feels ‘stable’ and even combat feels very ‘just fly in circles and shoot the bots that fly in circles. Mining is simple and if you enjoyed runescape then you may get 10 hours of enjoyment out of this, however you will get extremely frustrated due to server crashes and bugs that freqauently negate the last 60 mins of time you spent griding.

    As far as im concerned star citizen is not a game. Its an experiment of what may one day be acheivable, but not by CIG. With a poor engine, extremely poor optimisation and mechanics that just don’t provide enough ‘umph’ the beuty of the game can be found elsewhere, such as by watching some start trek! My advise is 100% avoid until you hear some positive feedback that isnt smothered in undertones of ‘it will get good soon’.



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