Maplestory – The Best Classes to Solo Chaos Root Abyss (CRA)

Soloing Chaos Root Abyss (CRA) is a rite of passage for many in Maplestory. Not only is it a cool achievement to brag about to your guildmates, it’s also a great way to farm items and gems for yourself. If you have the time, you can even make a dedicated CRA mule. Just ensure you have enough nodes on hand as it’ll allow you to save a ton of mesos from gearing.

So you might be wondering which classes in Maplestory are the best for soloing CRA. First, be sure to check out the current DPS/DPM ranking chart for a look at the potential strongest classes in general.

We’ll assume no funding, as that obviously plays a big factor in your character’s strength. Even with no funding though, you should try to maximize your bossing potential with the appropriate Link Skills.

With that in mind, some of the best classes to clear CRA are:

  • Hero: Amazing burst damage, 50% IED, excellent 1v1 skills for Pierre, low cooldown iframes
  • Paladin: Surprisingly quick to clear CRA since they can tank basically any attack and have Sacrosanctity as backup, Threaten to reduce PDR, a bind, and very simple Blast attacks
  • Cadena: Requires more skill to play well, but their high base damage, debuffs, and bind make them very effective against Cvell and Pierre
  • Ark: Does well with proper controls and doesn’t require much funding to clear quickly
  • Kanna: Does everything well, obvious choice. They’re generally not the best bossers, but once you get to 5m range you should be able to easily solo CRA.
  • Blaster: Probably requires the lowest funding of all the classes, if you have good controls
  • Beast Tamer: One of the highest damage single burst skills in Maplestory and 30s of invincibility on low cooldown make BT a great class for soloing CRA
  • Night Lord / Night Walker: Both are great, just spam bind and burst whenever they’re off cooldown while dodging
  • Dual Blade: Overall just a boss at bossing given their dash, two iframes, strong burst, and dodging skills
  • Shade: Life drain, heals over time, and binds give them great survivability, with Backstep of course being one of the best bossing finishers in the game

Hopefully this guide helps you on your way to soloing Chaos Root Abyss in Maplestory. If you need advice on how to quickly level up so you can fight CRA as soon as possible, check out the Maplestory leveling guide.

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