MapleStory GMS KMS DPS/DPM Chart (Updated June 2021)

Are you curious about the strongest MapleStory classes? We can rank each class by their total DPM (damage per minute) at max levels to figure this out.

Here’s the latest table, accurate as of June 2021 for GMS v.224.

The DPM number represents the maximum damage per minute that class produces. Calculations are based on the character being max level with BIS gear.

1Fire Poison Mage32,168,070,973,385
7Demon Slayer28,613,925,574,099
9Dawn Warrior28,101,495,424,280
13Thunder Breaker27,437,056,818,851
17Angelic Buster26,857,871,205,227
19Ice Lightning Mage25,308,205,089,343
27Dark Knight23,937,088,927,191
29Night Lord23,600,543,024,352
34Dual Blade21,738,086,139,307
36Battle Mage21,371,303,820,110
40Blaze Wizard20,630,560,607,438
41Wind Archer20,539,486,987,761
43Beast Tamer19,587,350,458,747
45Wild Hunter19,518,856,839,010
47Demon Avenger19,216,358,353,275

As you can see, the strongest Maplestory class is currently Ark Mage (Fire / Poison), with Adele and Blaster rounding out the top 3.

The weakest class is Mercedes, followed by Bishop and Demon Avenger, in terms of DPS.

The stronger classes will generally have an easier time leveling up and bossing. For tips on where to train, be sure to check out the ultimate Maplestory leveling guide as well.

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MapleStory Classes DPS Tier List

maplestory tier list 2021

Based on the chart, we organized the classes into a tier list for fun. (Click the image to maximize it)

S Tier

  • Fire Poison Mage
  • Adele
  • Blaster
  • Cadena

A Tier 

  • Hoyoung
  • Kinesis
  • Demon Slayer
  • Hero
  • Dawn Warrior
  • Kanna
  • Illium
  • Thunder Breaker
  • Ark
  • Aran
  • Night Walker
  • Angelic Buster
  • Shadower

B Tier 

  • Ice Lightning Mage
  • Pathfinder
  • Mechanic
  • Buccaneer
  • Kaiser
  • Luminous
  • Evan
  • Marksman
  • Dark Knight
  • Hayato
  • Night Lord
  • Phantom
  • Kain
  • Xenon
  • Cannoneer
  • Shade
  • Dual Blade

C Tier

  • Mihile
  • Battle Mage
  • Mercedes
  • Zero
  • Bow Master
  • Blaze Wizard
  • Wind Archer
  • Corsair

D Tier

  • Beast Tamer
  • Wild Hunter
  • Jett
  • Demon Avenger
  • Paladin
  • Bishop

Best Maplestory Classes for Bossing

There’s no objective best class for bossing, since it depends on your needs and party composition. You can’t go wrong picking any of the S or A tier classes.

That said, Demon Slayer has arguably the most versatile kit since he’s a jack of all trades. He has self bind, iframes, demon bane, lifesteal, damage reduction skills, summons, and tons of built-in boss damage.

Best Maplestory Classes for Mobbing

Kanna, Hoyoung, and Adele are all great mobbing classes due to their large AOE spells, “ultis”, and buffs. Hayato is strong after 5th job as well for mobbing.

Kanna, Hoyoung, Ark, Adele, and Shade are all solid bossing classes as well.

Best Maplestory Classes for New Players

Adele is very easy to play and routinely tops the DPS charts. She’s strong at mobbing, bossing, and has great mobility. In fact, Adele ranks higher than Blaster and Cadena despite those two classes requiring more effort to play well.

Kanna is also quite forgiving to play if you’re looking for a relatively easy class to play.

Concluding Thoughts 

Hopefully you found this chart and tier list helpful in determining which classes have the highest DPS. However, keep a few things in mind.

First, it’s important to note that JMS, KMS and GMS versions are different and will have different looks.

Second, remember that these DPS/DPM figures are at max levels. Certain classes outperform others during the early and mid game, and will have an easier time getting to max level in the first place.

Finally, DPS charts shouldn’t be taken too seriously. They assume ideal conditions without any regard for player mechanics or anything else, like how easily a character can actually deal that damage, how safe they are against bosses, other utility they bring to parties, etc.

Don’t think you have to restart your character and make an Angelic Buster just because she’s at the top of the list. Play what you enjoy most! The rankings are always changing with every balance patch, so don’t get too caught up in the flavor of the moment.

If you’re looking to make your character stronger, be sure to take advantage of other characters’ Link Skills to boost your stats and damage.

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  1. “…As you can see, the strongest Maplestory class is currently Ark Mage (Fire / Poison), with Adele and Blaster rounding out the top 3.”

    That should be Arch Mage not Ark Mage. Ark is a separate character.


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