Top 10 Most Valuable Items in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Ever wondered what the most expensive items in old school RuneScape are? So have we, so we compiled the 10 most valuable items in the game right now along with their approximate prices.

While these prices can fluctuate over time, at this point in the game most of them have found a stable range they trade at. Of course, how rare and powerful an item is contributes a great deal to how much they’re worth.

10. Arcane Spirit Shield

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Approximate Price: 140,000,000 gp

Like the Elysian Spirit Shield, you craft the Arcane Spirit Shield by attaching a sigil, in this case Arcane sigil, to a blessed spirit shield. It has the same defense stats as the base shield with an additional magic attack bonus of +20.

9. Ancestral Robes Set

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Approximate Price: 140,000,000 gp

The Ancestral Robes Set peaked at nearly 400 million gp, but over time has steadily declined in value. Still, at 140 million it’s still worth enough to make this list. To obtain the set, you can exchange items for it via the Grand Exchange clerk.

8. 3rd Age Cloak

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Approximate Price: 195,000,000 gp

At nearly 200 million gp, the 3rd Age Cloak requires 65 Prayer to wear and has the same stats as the trimmed Skillcape +1 additional prayer point.

7. 3rd Age Axe

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Approximate Price: 390,000,000 gp

The 3rd Age Axe isn’t better stats-wise than the Dragon Axe, as it has the same cutting speed and special attack, but it sure is worth a whole lot more. To wield it, you need 65 Attack and 61 Cutting.

6. 3rd Age Longsword

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Approximate Price: 460,000,000 gp

The 3rd Age Longsword is the strongest longsword in oldschool RuneScape. As such, it fetches a pretty penny in the market. The only way to obtain it is by completing the elite and master Treasure Trails, with a drop rate of 1/488,750 and 1/313,168 respectively.

5. 3rd Age Bow

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Approximate Price: 490,000,000 gp

The 3rd Age Bow requires 65 Ranged to wield and packs some power. It has the same attack speed as shortbows with the range of a longbow. It last sold for nearly 490 million gp.

4. Elysian Sigil

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Approximate Price: 650,000,000 gp

Given the value of the Elysian Spirit Shield, it makes sense that one of the key components, the Elysian Sigil, would also be extremely valuable.

The chances of obtaining the sigil as a drop from the Corporal Beast is just 1/4,095.

3. Elysian Spirit Shield

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Approximate Price: 685,000,000 gp

The Elysian Spirit Shield is one of the strongest shields in oldschool RuneScape, hence its high price. It has better Melee and Ranged stats than the spectral spirit and arcane shields but its passive, which gives a 70% chance of reducing all standard damage by 25%, is what makes it particularly powerful.

To make an Elysian Spirit Shield, you first need to obtain an Elysian Sigil from the Corporeal Beast, then attach it to a blessed spirit shield. You either need 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing or pay 1,500,000 gp to Abbot Langley to make it for you.

2. 3rd Age Pickaxe

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Approximate Price: 930,000,000 gp

The second most valuable item is the 3rd Age Pickaxe. Like all 3rd Age equipment in RuneScape, it’s worth a lot due to its rarity as it can only be obtained from the hardest tiers of Treasure Trails.

It has the exact same stats as the Dragon Pickaxe except that it’s lighter. Generally it exchanges hands between merchers and collectors who want to own all the rares.

1. Twisted Bow

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Approximate Price: 1,000,000,000 gp

The Twisted Bow is the strongest bow in oldschool RuneScape, and also happens to be the most valuable item coming in at a whopping 1 billion gp. Unlike most weapons that have a fixed damage, the Twisted Bow’s damage scales with the enemy’s magic level – the stronger your enemy, the more damage it does, up to a maximum of 89 damage with Dragon arrows and 99 Ranged skill.

To obtain the Twisted Bow, you can complete the Chambers of Xeric, which has a 2.38% chance of dropping it. Like most of the items on this list, you can also purchase the Twisted Bow through the Grand Exchange.


There you have it – the 10 most expensive items in oldschool RuneScape (OSRS).

You’ll notice most of the most valuable items are 3rd Age items. While they look great and are some of the rarest items in game, 3rd Age equipment isn’t necessarily always the strongest in class. The items below are best in stats of their class:

3rd Age Amulet – BIS Mage Attack

3rd Age Hat – BIS Mage Attack

3rd Age Vamb – BIS Mage Defense

3rd Age Melee Top – BIS Crush Defense

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