How to Raise Kindness in Persona 5

Kindness is an important social stat in Persona 5 that allows you to interact differently with people and progress in key relationships. Some people won’t even bother speaking with you unless they’ve deemed you a kind soul. Ironic, right?

A good rule of thumb is you’ll want at least Level 4 Kindness. You’ll need this to get to rank 2 with Futaba, who can be useful during Palace battles with her support skills.

There are several ways to increase kindness in Persona 5:

  • Clean your room and then take care of your plant as often as possible – feed them the best nutrients
  • Work at the flower shop in the underground mall
  • Order the Nostalgia Steak in that dinner in Shibuya
  • Go to the Shibuya cinema on Fridays
  • Talk with Sojiro as often as possible – eventually you can even learn how to make coffee from him.
  • Work at the flower shop in the underground mall
  • The Tower and Hierophant Confidants raise kindness for a few ranks
  • Buy and read books that increase kindness

While you may think Kindness is a worthless stat, it still shouldn’t be ignored. So just remember to take care of your plant and do some of the above once in a while in between all your other adventures in Persona 5.

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