Pokemon Sword and Shield – Where to Find Cufant and How to Evolve

Are you looking for Cufant in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield game? We’ll help you find the cute elephant-like Pokemon in this guide. While he may not seem like much in his base form, Cufant evolves into the much more threatening Copperajah. Since they’re Steel types, Cufant and Copperajah make great additions to the roster to take advantage of opponent weaknesses.

You can find Wild Cufants roaming around in Bridge Field. You can get there from East Lake Axewell easily, then walk around the grass once you’re in Bridge Field. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately find one, as the chance of encountering Cufant is only 1-10%. They’ll be level 27 to 29, so make sure your roster is strong enough to handle them.

bridge field pokemon sword

Once you’ve caught a Cufant, you can train them to level up pretty quickly as they evolve into Copperajah at level 34. Unless you just really want to keep a Cufant for their adorableness, go ahead and let it evolve as it’ll be much stronger and learn new skills.

Copperajahs can also be found in the wild at the Lake of Outrage. You’ll encounter them later in the game and they range from level 55 to 58. However, they spawn very rarely and only in snow and thunderstorm conditions.

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