The 10 Best Beginner Tips for Teamfight Tactics  

Want to hop into the new Teamfight Tactics craze? Keep losing before even making it to the top 3? Not sure what the best team comps are? Don’t worry, we’ll be listing off the best beginner tips for Teamfight Tactics to help you land in the top 3 every game.

1: Early Levels, Late Synergies. This is very simple. Early game, during stage 1-3, focus on getting level 2s and only play level 2s on the board. Do not have any level 2 champion on the bench during stage 1-3.

Early on in the game, synergies are not very useful, not as useful as later on in the game (there are a few exceptions, such as knights and pirates).

Make sure you focus on leveling up your champions rather than creating a good team comp during the first 3 stages. You can always change your team comp later.

This is also the easiest way to get a level 3 champion fast. After stage 2, you can start thinking about synergies, and after stage 3, you should start implementing your synergies into play, even if it means trading a level 2 for a level 1.

2: Positioning. Make sure you position your champions well, for example, keep your hyper carry champion with all the items protected at the back, however, not at the very back in case there is a Blitzcrank that can hook.

Or maybe the enemy has the Hextech Combo, then you’d have to separate your champions with items and hope they don’t target your carry.

Positioning is vital and it can easily lose you a match if you’re not constantly positioning your team.

3: Don’t create full items too early. Wait until you are sure of your team comp and what items would benefit on which champion. Usually, you would have one hyper carry champion that has all your items on him, and another “tank” champion that has one or two items on him. The other champions either don’t have items or have items depending on their playstyle.

Once you create a full item, you can’t change it back to its original two items, so it is important not to create a full item until you know for sure you’re going to use it.

Also, don’t attach items you want for other champions to champions you’re using now unless you want to sell that champion. If you place an item on a champion you can’t take it off unless you sell that specific champion.

For example, I am planning on going Ninja comp with Locket of the Iron Solari on Akali, but I don’t have Akali yet. I can put Locket of the Iron Solari on a Darius or any champion that I know I won’t need once I get Akali. However, I shouldn’t put Locket of the Iron Solari on Zed, since I can’t sell Zed once I get Akali because he’s part of my team.

4: Try to let go. It is important to let go of champions and team comps sometimes if they don’t turn out well. You have a level 3 Mordekaiser and a level 2 kindred, but you wanted to go Ninja? Let go, sell all your ninjas and focus on what you have. Get some rangers, maybe you can do sorcerers if you can give Kindred the Sorcerer item. It’s much better than just shooting for the Ninja comp. You already have another perfect comp ready for you!

You also sometimes need to let go of some champions. You have a level 3 Zed but you’re going full Gunslinger? In the late game, a good team comp will be more effective than high-level champions, so if you are on stage 6 with a level 3 Zed but he has no synergy with your team, you can either give him an item to synergize with your team (perhaps blade master, glacial, or knight, to make him synergize with your team), or just sell him. You need effective combos to win the late game.

5: Maintain income. This is an extremely important feature that is in Teamfight Tactics, which is your income. You gain an interest of +1 gold for every 10 gold you have. That means if you have 30 gold you get a bonus 3 gold after a player battle. This effect stacks up to 50 gold max (5 Bonus gold).

It is important to keep your interest rate income to 5 gold during the game. Only later on, once you’re either about to die or in the top 3, you can then use all your gold to either level up or keep re-rolling to level up your champions.

It is important to understand when it is okay to go below the interest rate and when not to. It’s better not to go below multiples of 10 most of the time, but sometimes, it’s just worth it losing that 1 extra gold to get that level 3 Vayne.

6: Try to maintain your streak. When you’re on a win-streak, you gain bonus gold depending on how many wins you in a row you have. If you are gaining a bonus of 2 gold for your win streak, it’s worth it sometimes to level up early to maintain that win-streak, even if it means losing one gold due to interest.

This is the same with Lose-streaks, if you are on a lose-streak, don’t bother leveling up at all, that won’t help you in the long run. Try to either fully break your lose-streak by winning or try to lessen the damage taken when losing, but don’t level up just to win one or two matches, that will break your streak which will give you less gold in total.

7: Prioritize items over champions when building team comps. In Teamfight Tactics, items are the key to winning the game, unlike most other auto-battle games, TFT focuses on items.

For example, if you’re trying to play gunslingers and blademasters, but it’s stage 3 and you didn’t get a single curved bow, then stop building gunslingers and blademasters and change, see what items you have and what builds you can make.

Maybe you have lots of AP and Mana items that you can use to help make a sorcerer team, that’s much better than sticking to your gunslingers, even if they’re close to level 3. Without items, champions are not nearly as useful.

8: Watch other players. Once you get a bit deeper into the game where about 5 or fewer people are alive, you have to watch other players and see what they’re building.

Some may have a zephyr that you need to deal with, some might have the Hextech combo, some might have a Blitzcrank or Assassins, you have to re-position your team according to the other players.

9: Check for used champions. In Teamfight Tactics, there are a certain number of each champion available in the game. For example, there are 10 of each 5-gold champion in the game, so only one person can have that 5-gold champion to level 3.

Take a look at the other players and see what they’re building. If someone has a level 3 Draven, it will be pretty hard to even get a level 2 Draven for yourself, so you have to check the other players before investing in a unit.

10: Try different synergies and combos. Keep trying different combos and strategies in your games, maybe you’ll find your new favorite combo. You can always see what combos are in the meta right now and try and do them, or you can make your own unique combos! Why not try something new and see what combos and synergies you can make.

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