Valorant Tips & Tricks to Improve – How to Get Better at Valorant

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to get better at Valorant, we’ve got you covered. These tips are for the beginner who’s just getting started with Valorant. We’ll be going over some of the most important concepts you’ll need to know and some suggestions on how to instantly improve your game. Let’s get to it.

Get Aimlabs

There’s a reason why basically every pro FPS player uses Aimlabs. Get it on Steam for free.

Warmup in the range before you play

Spend at least 5-10 mins or however long you feel is necessary doing the practice rounds in range to warm up before you get into a match. Practice until you can eventually get a 10-15 score on Hard difficulty.

Stick to one agent

After spending some time learning each of the Agent’s abilities, pick the Agent you like the most and stick to them. Being a great one-trick player is much more beneficial to your team than filling with your mediocre Agents. As you move up the ladder you’ll eventually want to get better with other Agents, but when starting out just pick one and stick to it.

Find the right mouse sensitivity

A lot of people including pros suggest lowering your mouse sensitivity to optimize your Valorant aim. 320-400 eDPI is fairly common amongst top players like s1mple, Myth, and TenZ. That said, some people do prefer high DPIs upwards of 800, so you’ll have to play around with it. If you’re coming from another genre of game altogether, like MOBAs or MMORPGs, you’ll definitely want to adjust your sensitivity.

Peek corners correctly

Do not “slow peek” corners by holding down the walk button. Instead, press left or right once to wide swing. Slow peeking simply makes you an easier target as it allows enemies to see your body before you see theirs.

Minimize how many angles you’re exposed to

Most new Valorant players make the mistake of exposing themselves to too many different angles as they move around the map. The more angles you’re exposed to, the more likely you are to die – simple as that. Play as if there are enemies hiding behind every wall. Peek one corner at a time, and only advance after you’ve cleared that corner.

Peek with teammates and trade teammate deaths

One of the most important aspects of Valorant is peeking corners with your teammates so that you can trade deaths. Low level players often “bait” their teammates by making them go in first and only peeking after they’ve died. If you peek with your teammates simultaneously, you can often find yourself in an advantageous 2v1 against the enemy and get the kill without any deaths.

Don’t clump up in tight areas for too long

A lot of new Valorant players get scared to actually push in to sites, so they end up clumping together in tight entrances for far too long. This makes them sitting ducks for AoE abilities like Sova’s shock darts or Raze’s grenades. Taking too long to push also allows the enemy team to flank you from behind.

Learn how to play on Attack vs Defense

If you’ve played in low level games, you’ve probably encountered teams that love to aggressively push on Defense but then play scared and camp on Attack. This is the opposite of how the game generally should be played. Your advantage as the defending team is time. The enemy team has to plant the spike before time runs out, so try to take advantage of that. The attacking team is also at a disadvantage because of how many corners they’re exposed to when entering sites.

Play your agent’s role correctly 

If you’re playing a Duelist, your job is to entry frag for your team. That means entering and clearing sites first with flashes or other utility to allow the rest of your team to follow. If you’re a Sentinel, that means you should be fishing for information and communicating it as much as possible. If you’re playing an Agent with smokes, help your Duelist enter by smoking common enemy spots.

Learn when to slow walk vs run

Slow walking to avoid making sound definitely has its purposes, but too many Valorant players take this to the extreme and end up literally holding shift the entire game. Sometimes you want to run to purposely make sound to throw off enemies. Sometimes you need to rotate quickly by running. Sometimes you need to flank the enemy quickly. Get comfortable running more often, even if enemies can hear your sound.

Learn to pre-fire certain corners

In conjunction with peeking corners correctly, don’t be afraid to pre-fire after you peek. This way you’re proactively firing, expecting an enemy there, instead of reacting only after you’ve seen them. If you pre-fire and no one’s there, no worries. You’ve only wasted a few bullets. But if you pre-fire and it works, you can secure a free kill or damage on an enemy before they’ve even had a chance to react.

Shoot common camping spots (don’t be afraid to “waste” bullets)

You can often anticipate where enemies are hiding and shoot boxes, doors, or walls to damage them. Don’t be afraid that you’re wasting bullets. Both the Phantom and Vandal come with 3 reserve magazines, and on any given round you usually only use 1-2 of them.

Manage your economy

In Valorant, sometimes it’s correct to full buy and sometimes it’s correct to save. As a general rule of thumb, you want at least 2,900 credits to buy a Phantom/Valorant with full armor, plus some additional creds for whatever utility you need. Communicate with your team and follow suit. If your team is all saving, it doesn’t make sense for you to full buy and then not have money the next round. You don’t have to try and force buy every single round.

Watch streamers play your character

If you’re serious about improving at Valorant, watch top players and see how they play your favorite character. You’ll likely learn a lot about how they use their abilities, as well as fundamental skills like how to peek corners, crosshair placement, taking/retaking bomb sites, etc.

Keep your crosshair aimed at head level  

In Valorant you want to keep your crosshair aimed at head level. This may feel weird at first, especially if you’re coming from a different shooter game. This is why you tend to see newer players looking down at the ground a lot. By keeping your crosshair aimed at head level, you can simply tap once to one-shot enemies instead of spraying their body or feet which do a lot less damage. Remember, you want to click heads as much as possible in Valorant.

Use comms wisely and frequently

Valorant is an information game and communication unlocks that info. When using comms, give short, actionable information or instructions. If you’re entry fragging and about to flash, let your teammates know. If you’ve entered a site and killed an enemy, call it out. Be a team player, be positive, and don’t clutter up the comms with too much unnecessary stuff.

Use time to your advantage

Something that often gets ignored in Valorant is the aspect of time. Each round the Attackers only have 100 seconds to plant the Spike. After that, the Defenders have 45 seconds to defuse the Spike. Each second that passes by in game is to the advantage of one team or the other. As a Defender, you should generally be playing more passive, delaying the enemy team, and forcing them to waste time rotating, checking corners, etc. After the spike has been planted, the roles reverse and you want to tick the clock down on the Defenders. Use your Agent’s abilities to disrupt, learn post-plant setups and lineups, and use the clock to your advantage.

Play with confidence, have fun

You might notice that some games you get a few early kills and play with confidence the rest of the game to land atop the leaderboard. Then there are other games where you might go 0-3 early on and struggle the rest of the game. Sometimes the difference is all in your head. When you get out to a strong early start, you play with more confidence. You make better reads, your mouse hand is steadier, and you don’t get flustered after dying. Try to keep a positive mindset in all of your games, play with confidence, and most importantly have fun. At the end of the day, you’re just playing a game and you can’t win them all.

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